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Find the right women's wallet for you

A wallet is one of the most essential accessories for everyone, men and women alike. Unfortunately, it's also often neglected. Many of us stick with the same wallet for years, even as it gets old and tatty. Don't make this mistake! Instead, look for fun and stylish ladies' wallets. Even if your wallet is just going to be inside your handbag most of the day, you'll feel happier when you whip it out if it matches your personal style. Remember, because a wallet is rarely on display, this is your chance to really go crazy. If you want bright, bold colours or outrageous prints, feel free to shop for those kinds of prints – it'll make spending money a lot more fun!

Ladies' wallets versus purses

We often talk about wallets and purses interchangeably, but when it comes to keeping your money secure, there's a difference. Wallets usually fold, and have more compartments; in a good woman's wallet, you'll have space for notes, all your cards, bus and train tickets, and more. You may not have a secure spot for coins, though. That's where purses come in. A purse usually fastens with a zip or clasp and is ideal for holding coins. You might also be able to tuck notes and cards in there, but there won't be separate pockets for them. Ultimately, whether you prefer a woman's wallet or a purse is a personal choice – and some stylish ladies even have both in their handbags!

How to choose the perfect wallet

It's really important to think about the size of your wallet. In particular, you'll need to compare it to the size of your handbags. If you tend to stick with oversized bags, then you can choose a bigger wallet; if you prefer clutches or little bags, though, it won't fit comfortably, so choose something smaller. Look at the number of compartments, too, and think about your lifestyle. Do you have dozens of cards that are always getting lost and jumbled up, or just one or two? When it comes to design and colour, the sky's the limit. A large wallet in classic black leather can double up as a clutch for nights out, but if you prefer a smaller wallet in a bright, funky print, go for it.