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Jeans for kids257

Girls' jeans: your daughter's first denims

Nothing beats a good pair of girls' jeans! You may question how to find jeans for young children who are more used to wearing tracksuits or leggings. Making the transition from soft, stretchy fabric to rigid denim can be a bit difficult for little ones. Luckily, there are several options of jean-like trousers; for example trousers with denim legs but drawstring tops. These are a good idea for very young children. Zips and buttons are hard for little fingers to work out. Plus, pull-on trousers are ideal in case of a bathroom emergency. As your daughter gets older and more autonomous, you can start experimenting with more classic cuts of jeans.

Finding the best denim jeans for active girls

One of the main advantages of a pair of girls' jeans is the durability of denim. If your daughter loves to play outside, then jeans will prove harder-wearing and longer-lasting than leggings or other flimsy options. Rigid denim is the toughest of all, but it can restrict movement. If you're going for this type of fabric, make sure that it fits right and that the waistband doesn't dig in. It's a better idea to choose a slightly looser pair and add a belt than to go for a pair that are too tight. If your daughter wants the freedom to jump and practise gymnastic moves, look for a pair of stretch jeans. These have some Lycra content which allows a greater range of movement.

Kids' jeans for girls who are growing

As your daughter gets older, she'll be more conscious of what she's wearing. Luckily, girls' jeans are easily personalised and adapted. Look for pairs with patches sewn on that add some personality. These might be animals, rainbows, or smiley faces; choose something that your daughter likes, and soon she'll be learning how to express herself through her clothes. Look out for different colours, too. If you want to stick with blue denim, you can still experiment with different coloured top stitching. Gold is classic, but your daughter might prefer pink or bright yellow so that she can stand out a bit. Don't worry if you buy girls jeans that are slightly too long. Your daughter will grow into them and, in the meantime, you can cuff them to a length that's comfortable. This looks very trendy, too!