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Suit trousers for men89

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Choosing a smart pair of suit trousers

Suit trousers are one of the most important pieces for working in an office. A pair can be worn to work as well as to formal events. You can pair them with matching suit jackets or go jacket-free for a more casual style. When first choosing your trousers, think about colour. Neutrals are the simplest choice and are easy to build a range of outfits around. Black is, of course, the ultimate classic; however, navy blue or charcoal grey offer good alternatives. Pinstripes can add a touch of visual interest but may make it harder to dress down your suit trousers for more casual moments.

The fit of men's suit trousers: What to look for

A traditional pair of suit pants should fit rather like straight-leg jeans: Not too tight, but not too loose. Check key areas around the crotch, waist and butt. Bagginess is a no-no, but the fabric should never strain, either. You should also always check the length, making sure that your pants are neither too long nor too short. Try to find men's suit trousers that fit immediately, without requiring any alterations. Shortening a pair of suit trousers isn't as simple as lifting the hem, which can end up making your legs look disproportionate. If you don't like the traditional style, you could go for more modern, slim-fit suits. You may find it harder to get a good fit here – the pants should be closer to the body than the classic cut, but still without any tightness or straining.

Stay smart in men's suit pants

You'll need to accessorise your men's suit pants with, at a minimum, shoes and a belt. Pay attention to colour. If you're not confident with fashion, keep the colours matching. Black and navy blue is an absolute no-no: Never mix these two together! Stick to black on black, and if you're wearing navy, try brown leather accessories. Make sure that the style of leather of your belt and suit trousers match. If you've chosen patent shoes, your belt should be patent, too. For the office, suit vests are not necessary. Always keep shirts tucked in. This is a basic fashion rule that ensures you'll always be looking smart and professional. Throw on a lightweight, slim-fitting jumper in a contrasting colour if you're feeling cold.