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ABOUT YOU – feminine and versatile

ABOUT YOU is where fashion and technology meet. After trumping the online fashion world for the trend-setters, it became time to focus on the physical world of fashion. You can find almost everything you might need to rock your style; clothes of all kinds, shoes that inspire, knitwear that your grandmother would envy and accessories to bring it all together. With styles from the classic to the avant-garde, this label has everything to help you to show the world who you really are. Creating a whole new look no longer has to break the bank. Even the sustainable selection isn't just kind to the environment, it's also kind to your wallet. Whether it's a contemporary-themed wedding, and you're the bride, or it's a city trip and you're wandering the streets, you can be confident you will find the right look for you.

Young and vibrant

Founded in 2016 in Hamburg, the ABOUT YOU Label was a big step-up for the ever-growing online shop. With unwavering focus and attention-to-detail, designs for this label are as fresh and dynamic as the women that wear them. A dedicated team of 15, based in the German Fashion Capital of Berlin, bring 800 new designs to the brand every season. The company was built on the belief that everyone has a right to feel good about themselves. This belief bleeds into the label by helping women to express themselves with simple and sophisticated designs for their daily wardrobe. From the beginning, fashion hasn't been the only focus. The environment has always been a big project for the company and is factored into every business decision. The ABOUT YOU label considers certain aspects when creating their sustainable range; the use of environment- and animal-friendly materials, minimal waste processing and fair working conditions for all their employees are just the tip of the iceberg. Their long-term goals focus on doing more, a little bit at a time.

Making it all ABOUT YOU

From underwear to parkas, this brand has got you covered. With an accessories range that gives you everything from gloves to smartphone cases, you can always find a design to suit your tastes. The brand's passion for fashion gives you a wide range of elegant styles to mix-and-match as you please. If you want to go for something bold but simple, consider oversized jumpers & knitwear paired with some skinny-fit jeans. When the weather is cold, wrap yourself in warm winter coats and coordinate them with knee-high boots. For an environmentally conscious night on the town, there are elegant cocktail dresses so you can have a guilt-free evening. More adventurous souls can easily mix monochrome and prints in jumpsuits & overalls, dressed up with high heels for a totally individual aesthetic. Remember: your face masks can actually complete an ensemble and functional yet beautiful bags are a must! Jackets or skirts, belts or shoes, ABOUT YOU Label has just what you need, whatever the occasion.