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ABOUT YOU Chelsea boots 'Fine' in Black: front


€ 39.90
Available in many sizes
BRONX Chelsea boots 'Groovy' in Beige: front


€ 159.00
Available sizes: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
PANAMA JACK Lace-up bootie 'Panama 03 Igloo Travelling ' in Black: front
More sustainable


€ 209.00
Available sizes: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9
Solovair Chelsea boots 'Dealer' in Black: front


€ 199.00
Available in many sizes
PANAMA JACK Chelsea boots 'Pia Igloo' in Brown: front
More sustainable


€ 209.00
Available in many sizes
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Booties: a winter style that won't let you down

If long boots aren't your thing, give ankle boots a go! There are so many cute styles to booties out there, from practical flats to towering heels. Whether you want the androgynous stomping power of a pair of work boots, or a cute and flirty heeled style, you'll find a pair that's right for you. The most common materials are leather or suede, although synthetic alternatives are also available. Nowadays, it's possible to find very good quality synthetic leather that is almost like the real thing – ideal if you prefer to avoid animal products. Don't forget to treat suede boots with a protective spray or cream before you wear them outside, as rain can destroy them.

The best women's booties for trousers

For a classic casual look, go for a pair of lace-up booties in a combat or work boot style. Tuck your jeans into them to go for an edgier, more masculine appearance; for bonus points, choose jeans with rips and worn patches. If you find these boots awkward to get in and out of, don't worry - look for a pair with a hidden zip down the side, and let the laces just be purely decorative! Generally, the lower the heel, the more androgynous the look. If you want to avoid that style, find a pair with a higher, chunky heel and pair them with skinny jeans. For a more office-friendly look, try Chelsea boots. These will look great under chinos or straight-legged trousers.

How to style them with skirts or dresses

Classic booties are an excellent choice if you are wearing a skirt. Wear them with tights in a contrasting colour. Black boots with opaque black tights can look too samey. Instead, choose sheer black, lacy tights or, if you really want to stand out, a solid colour like mustard yellow, bright red or electric blue. Sometimes ankle boots can visually cut your legs, making them look stumpy or wider than they really are. To avoid this, choose a pair that don't end with a straight horizontal line, but instead have a scalloped edge or a turned-down cuff with contrast lining. This may be fleece or a tribal print, and it will help gently soften the look. If you are on the short side, or you have athletic calves, this style of boot is an excellent choice.

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