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ARMANI EXCHANGE: provocative and trendy style

Its parent brand is undoubtedly one of the most famous fashion names in the world, but ARMANI EXCHANGE has a distinct style and place in the industry all of its own. A brand that is very much inspired by trendy street chic and the culture of dance music, this arm of Armani is marketed as being more accessible than the parent brand, targeting a slightly younger demographic with an eye on current pop culture and trends. In its history, ARMANI EXCHANGE has been known for its famously provocative and viral ad campaigns, which is an indicator of just how on the pulse the decision-making figures at the brand are. If you are looking for fashion that will always keep you on the cutting edge of style, then this brand is an ideal place to start. The brand’s dedication to strong, simple colour schemes means that their garments do not suffer the fate of featuring seasonal patterns or prints that are only on-trend for a limited amount of time.

Behind the scenes at ARMANI EXCHANGE

This successful offshoot of the wider Armani brand was launched in the United States in 1991. Stylized as A/X, the brand was accelerated when Giorgio Armani co-established the joint venture company Presidio Holdings Ltd alongside Como Holdings in 2005. The company had been owned by Ong Beng Seng since 1994 and currently holds the production and distribution licensing in the United States, Central and South America, Canada and Asia-Pacific. By 2014, Armani had acquired full ownership of the brand and boasted more than 270 stores with over 3,000 employees. ARMANI EXCHANGE products are available to purchase in more than thirty countries all over the world, marking it as a truly global brand.

Be part of the culture

Clean lines and block colours are two things that signify the best of what this brand has to offer. Their formal dress options manage to somehow be on-trend yet timeless thanks to a classic mid-length hem mixed with a skinny fit nature that makes the fabric cling to every curve. Accessories like knit beanies and ribbed scarves make excellent additions to any look, and the signature Armani white dazzles as small pops of colour for these items in various shades and styles. ARMANI EXCHANGE also has a great line of loungewear that enables women to be comfortable in their downtime whilst still looking effortlessly stylish. Sweatpants have never looked as good as with the A/X logo adorned on them, and they can be paired with T-shirts, sweatshirts or hoodies as per your preference. Coordinate your look with trainers that perfectly complete your outfit. Of course, Italian brands are the very best in the leather game, and ARMANI EXCHANGE are no exception with a number of attractive belts that add a touch of designer style to any look.