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Calvin Klein: A timeless and contemporary brand

Since its inception, the Calvin Klein brand has become synonymous with sleek and classic designs of shoes, apparel, and accessories. This has made it one of the leading fashion design studios globally for designer labels. Apart from formal and casual clothes, the brand designs stylish swimwear such as bikinis, swimsuits, beachwear accessories and swim shorts. The elegant brand also creates men’s and women's underwear. Other accessories such as belts, watches and jewellery add sophistication to the designs. Moreover, the brand has also developed timeless fragrance lines featuring perfumes and colognes with unique scents. In their khaki collection, you can find high-quality beddings, bath rugs and towels. The brand also has bold and progressive designs, and it is no surprise that the company has grown to be a lifestyle brand. Their striking products have also inspired people’s sense of fashion around the world.

How Calvin Klein started

Calvin Richard Klein started the famous Calvin Klein fashion house in 1968. With its humble beginnings as a coat shop in New York, its first collection was a line of youthful coats and dresses. However, its elegant designs landed it in the cover of the American Vogue by 1969, which fuelled its popularity. In the 1970s, the brand added numerous collections to its portfolio, including classic blazers, women’s lingerie, sportswear, shoes, and accessories. When it introduced its line of women’s boxer shorts and men’s underwear, its popularity and success skyrocketed. Later, the famous fragrance, underwear collections and sportswear skyrocketed the company's popularity.

Wearing Calvin Klein products

Products from the high-end fashion house represent a sophisticated style and elegance. The broad range of products to choose from makes the brand popular across both genders and all ages. If you want a complete outfit consisting of Calvin Klein products, you can pair the famous men’s formal suits with shoes and accessories like ties and the brand’s iconic watches. Women can choose from a stack of apparel from bright summer sundresses, formal attire, skirts, and heels, to warm winter clothes, including coats and winter boots. If you love bold colours, you can make a statement with coloured skirts and shirts. Apart from office outfits, women can also pair formal Calvin Klein dinner dresses with beautiful jewellery or handbags. The brand also excels in casual wear, and you can wear their designer denim jeans or denim shorts with branded t-shirts. For your workouts, you should look for a selection of sportswear from the brand collections. While Calvin Klein’s products come at a premium price, they are always sleek and high-quality.