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DIESEL: From denim to domination

Now a massive global success story, DIESEL was founded in 1978 in a small town in northern Italy. This region has long been home to top designer brands, but founder Renzo Rosso decided to choose a decidedly non-Italian sounding name. The word "DIESEL" is spelled and pronounced the same across the globe. Even in the beginning, Rosso was set on worldwide success. At first, the brand focused solely on jeans. Rosso made them himself, and was the pioneer of the distressed look. For the first time, brand-new jeans that already had a worn, vintage appeal could be bought. It was this innovation that led Rosso's company to grow beyond its small-town roots, and gradually become a fashion force that stretched across Italy, then Europe, and finally the world.

A brand that goes against the grain

With its distressed denim roots, DIESEL has always appealed to customers who want to tread their own path. Offbeat, often controversial advertising campaigns have helped it grab headlines. Its clothing lines don't usually follow the latest fashions; instead, the brand prefers to put its own rebellious twist on classic pieces. Although it has spent decades growing to incorporate new ideas, denim remains at the heart of the brand. Jeans for both men and women are its staple product, and they're available in a number of different cuts, rises, and finishes. Many customers flock to the jeans collection, as it's easy to pick out a personal style and stick with it. These high-quality jeans often last for years, while trends come and go. DIESEL jeans are designed to be a wardrobe staple that can be the starting point for a number of different outfits, dressed up or down to fit your lifestyle. The distressed denim that originally made Renzo Rosso's name is always available, often modernized with 21st-century design details. Besides jeans, the DIESEL store offers denim jackets, skirts, and more.

Product lines to suit YOU

The standard DIESEL product line includes both menswear and womenswear. Alongside the brand's famous denim collection, you'll find plenty of other clothing, most of it designed for casual wear. Often featuring leather, these pieces particularly include bold statement jackets. Smart casual knitwear for both men and women is also common. Many of the garments play with texture rather than print and can be mixed and matched to create a completely personal look. The brand also offers a range of accessories, including sunglasses, footwear, and bags. For higher-end products, look at DIESEL Black Gold. This is the brand's designer collection. The designs echo back to Renzo Rosso's original rebellious ideas. Many have a punk-inspired edge; you can expect to find black leather, often decorated with metalwork like studs or rivets. Naturally, denim also features in this collection. Here it is used in an edgier, more fashion-forward way than in the brand's standard production. Colours in this designer collection tend to be dark and muted.