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Dockers – where style and comfort meet

When thinking about your shoes, Dockers has got you covered. Well-known for its iconic boots, this German brand has revolutionised the shoes that we wear. Their inspiration for the latest trends has helped them create some timeless designs that you can expect to wear for many years. Aided by their own patented Docktex and Sympatex technologies, these winter shoes protect you from strong winds and water while allowing your feet to breathe. There is a Soft Instock, a very soft insole, to keep your feet cushioned, comfortable and warm, so the brand has become the watchword for comfort and durability. So, whether you're hiking through the forest or the city streets, your feet will not only look good, they will also feel good. Never fear! These technologies are not only used for winter shoes; their summer shoes and sneakers are also created with comfort in mind.

Humble Beginnings

The company has been making shoes since 1973. Based near the German shoe town Pirmasens, the brand is known for affordability without compromising quality. The name 'Dockers' was introduced in 1985. The founders had been active in the industry for many years and were very in-tune with coming trends. The 1980s were all about deck shoes, which were traditionally used when boating. They introduced a pair of leather slip-ons for men in 1985, with the idea that everybody should be able to afford these 'Dockers' as they believed that price and performance should be perfectly balanced. Thus, Dockers was born. Over the years, their focus grew to cover three main groups: men, women and children. Their new patented technologies mean that their shoes can remain fashionable and sporty with high attention to detail.

Dockers for every occasion

With a blend of original and classic designs, it is easy to find shoes for every outfit. You can expect to find pretty sneakers in subtle shades with ribbon laces and zips. Matched with jeans and a knitted jumper, you might make a statement with this casual look. If you find yourself wanting to don some comfortable and protective winter boots but aren't sure how to rock the look, you can pair some lace-up boots with either jeans and a simple top, a skirt and a blouse, or a dress. Pair with a jumper, cardigan or leather jacket to get your desired look. Have fun with some accessories, like bags, hats and jewellery to perfect your outfit. Just remember: the versatility of these shoes means you can wear them in almost any way. The sneakers are good for spring and summer outings while the boots can be used for hiking at any time of the year. Even if you are looking for something traditional, the iconic boots are constantly being updated with the latest trends and comfort technology while keeping the classic design. Paired with a hiking outfit or a simple city exploration ensemble, you'll find that your Dockers will go with anything!