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Original shoe hits 60

60 years ago, a new shoe rolled off the production line in Wollaston, Northamptonshire. It was designed for workers. Built to be more durable and comfortable than anything on the market at the time. Marketed as ‘a stout shoe made from all the same materials as the 1460’, it packed all the functionality and unmistakable markings of a DM’s boot into a sleek 3-eye profile.

An icon was born

Exactly one year after the 1460, the 1461 was born. The Northamptonshire factory where it all began still exists to this day, in the village of Wollaston. A specific range of ‘Made In England’ products are manufactured here by a small, close-knit team of people schooled in traditional shoe-making and a process that hasn’t changed since our first pair six decades ago.

Doc Martens: resilience and individualism at your feet

Wearing Dr. Martens means being part of the crowd without losing yourself in it. With their distinctive shape, air-cushioned soles and eye-catching yellow stitching, these are the boots that you should choose if you want footwear that goes with everything. Although the most well-known style has only 8 eyelets, you can find models with as few as 3 and as many as 20 to allow your personality to shine. Popular with every age group and available in women's, men’s, and kid’s sizes, this brand doesn’t restrict itself to shoes. By using contrasting laces and intricate threading, a pair of Docs gives you the freedom to express yourself from the toes up, without losing out on comfort.

From workwear to worldwide acclaim

Although this iconic shoe is indubitably British, the design is firmly rooted in Germany. The original DM was created during World War II by a Braunschweig-born doctor, Klaus Maertens, who needed a boot that would accommodate his recovery from a skiing accident. By recycling leather and using rubber from old tyres that had been discarded on airfields, he upgraded his army-issued work boots and created the very first air-cushioned sole. With success came expansion, and a British shoe manufacturer bought the patent rights for the UK. Anglicising the name and trademarking the soles, the first pair of AirWair Dr. Martens were released. A firm favourite of postmen, policemen and factory workers, the label became fashionable when the celebrities got involved. From The Who's Pete Townshend in the 60s to Nirvana's Kurt Cobain in the 80s, this versatile, stern and sturdy shoe has captured the imagination of successive generations – and it all started with a broken ankle.

Putting your best foot forward in Dr. Martens

Martens are the perfect way to enjoy style in comfort. Easy to wear with jeans and a tee, you don’t have to treat them as a trousers-only bootie. Instead, match a shin-high pair with a flowery summer dress or a mini skirt and sweater combo to give off a don’t-mess-with-me feminine vibe. Or choose open-toe, platform sandals for sunny days in shorts and a vest. Heading for a club? Pick a bright colour to stand out on the dance floor. From muted blues to stunning pinks, you can find a rainbow of hues in this range. And don’t be fooled by the combative air of the classic, cherry red 1460; this original model stays on-trend for a reason – lace them up to the top eye and add a bomber jacket, and you’ll be rocking a look that has survived for decades. In block or patterned materials with a shiny or matte finish, your Docs can be your go-to for every occasion. So if you need to walk the road less travelled, trust Dr. Martens to get you there.