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Get effortless, underground cool with EDITED

Have you heard of EDITED? If you haven't yet, you're in for a treat. This German brand is fairly new clothing brand, though has already won fans among some of the coolest, most fashionable trendsetters in Europe in its first few years. The style is decidedly urban, with an emphasis on seasonal trends. If you're interested in rocking the latest silhouettes, colours and styles, then this is the label for you. As well as making creative, interesting pieces for both men and women, EDITED produces a range of accessories. You'll find everything from simple, understated earrings or necklaces to big, bold hairbands and belts that turn every outfit into a fashion statement. Whether you pick just a few accessories to add to your regular style, or you go for a head-to-toe look, the products from EDITED will set you apart from the crowd. Start shopping now, before one of Europe's best-kept fashion secrets explodes into the mainstream.

Fashion with a conscience: Save the planet in style

Although it offers pieces that are hip, funky and bang on-trend, there's more to EDITED than just simple fashion. This is also a brand with a conscience. Among the collections of unique and stylish fashion, you'll find a range of sustainable clothes that give shoppers the opportunity to choose moral, eco-friendly styles that won't destroy the planet. The sustainable collection is made from ethically-sourced fabrics and is designed to last. In these clothes, you won't just look cool – you'll also be doing your bit for the environment and helping to join the fight against climate change. This line of sustainable clothes includes both basics and trendier pieces, all of which have that urban style that the brand has made its own. These items represent the future of fashion; from long, floaty skirts to tight-fitting, high-neck jumpers and sleek jumpsuits, these clothes show that it's not just hippies who care about the environment. You can still look cool, urban and stylish without compromising your values.

Colours and patterns to set you apart

The ethos behind EDITED is simple: It's all about that edgy, urban style that you'll often see in Europe's coolest cities. Often, the colours are muted or understated. Don't expect big, bold neons or outrageous tones. You're more likely to find neutrals or deep colours like terracotta, mauve or burgundy. Prints, when they appear, are classic. However, here you'll find traditional houndstooth in brand-new cuts, using modern shapes to bring a totally classic print right up to date. The silhouettes are also simple and are designed to be effortlessly stylish rather than flashy. These are not clothes that bare a lot of skin; instead, they allow you to shine in a way that's all your own. Add EDITED to your wardrobe and you'll find a world of chic European fashion that will mark you out as a true innovator.