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 Brand header

Quirky is defined by Essentiel Antwerp

The clothing at Essentiel Antwerp can only be described as offbeat and chic. Designed with love, the dresses, jackets and tops are for women who are confident and happy in their own style. Influenced by prints from the 60s and shapes from the 80s, every garment has a vintage feel. It’s all about having fun and living a carefree life. Colours are used freely throughout the range: the bolder, the better. Fur, sequins and lace are not reserved for evening wear as they feature in both of the twice-yearly collections. Along with skirts, shirt blouses and trousers, there are shoes and bags to complete the outfit. Each piece has added details, such as glitter or chains for an element of surprise. This quirky brand is followed by lovers of the unusual, and by those who are attracted to quality fabrics. The rulebook has been thrown out when it comes to pattern combinations and colour matching – emotion and passion drive the choices here.

From a simple T-shirt label

Essentiel Antwerp is a Belgian company that was launched in 1999 by Esfan Eghtessadi and Inge Onsea. Esfan came from a fashion and textile background and was used to seeing sketches and designs. Inge’s family spent several years living in India and her mother had a love for all things vintage. When the pair came together, their mixture of life experiences created an exotic cocktail of ideas. Both felt moved and motivated by colour and print, and they wanted to offer something with an element of drama. They began designing T-shirts and had just four prints offered in 20 different colours. Within four years, pullovers, coats, dresses and tops were added to the range followed later by accessories and shoes. Today it’s an international brand with a complete range of ready-to-wear luxury fashion. They remain based in Antwerp and the city is still the muse of their creations.

Put together an Essentiel Antwerp outfit online now!

For a chic urban style that makes a statement, choose a vibrant piece from this unconventional brand. Start with a print you love, and make this your hero garment. There are plenty of patterns to choose from, and they are all designed with passion. If you’re playing it safe, add simple black pumps or plain olive trousers to tone down the pattern. To really push the boundaries and make everyone notice, choose one of their jackets in clashing print or mix colours by picking purple boots and a green jumper – don’t be scared to use every colour in the rainbow. There are no rules with this label, put items together that make you smile. Pair a vintage dress with a denim jacket and sequin hat, it’s all about having fun every day. Wear white trainers with a lace skirt if you want to, it’s entirely up to you with Essentiel Antwerp.