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Get street style for your feet with HUB

HUB Footwear is one of the Netherlands' biggest fashion success stories. This Dutch company specialises in one particular area: leather trainers. Distinctive and immediately recognisable, these trainers all have the brand's trademark Z-stitch, a sleek logo set into the side. This logo not only looks cool, but also plays a practical role, reinforcing the shoe's seam lines. That's HUB in a nutshell: this brand is all about practicality and comfort but combines this with style. The insoles are fit with hidden gel padding to cushion your feet, keeping you comfortable all day long. There's also an air flow ventilation system incorporated into the design that will mean your feet stay fresh and cool – there's no sweat here, no matter how long you stay on your feet! All of these practical elements are neatly tucked away into trainers that are fashionable and cool for both men and women.

How a pair of leather trainers can change your look

At HUB, you'll find both men's and women's trainers in a variety of styles. The classic look is a sleek pair, inspired by tennis shoes. There are pairs with the Z-stitch and other details in a divergent colour – and sometimes in a contrasting style of leather, too, like nubuck on suede. Other pairs are simply made in one colour shading. Choose white if you want to stay close to the 80s heyday of this kind of street wear, or go for black for a pair that you can easily dress up for smart-casual occasions. In the line of women's trainers, you'll also find the kind of big, chunky shoes that have become a street fashion mainstay in the last few years. These are shoes that make a statement, so make sure to put them at the centre of your outfit. Wear them with a simple pair of skinny jeans to ensure you show them off; for extra impact, roll up the cuffs of your jeans to above the ankle. You could also put on a denim miniskirt and a pair of black tights. These shoes stand out from the crowd, so keep your clothes simple and let your trainers do the talking.

Branch out and shop HUB leather boots

In recent years, the brand has expanded beyond its trainer base. The HAGHE collection offers a range of women's boots. These come in all shapes and sizes, from brogue-style lace-up ankle boots to dramatic knee-highs, with both flats and heels available. All are made in classic, neutral colours ensuring that they can be a mainstay of your winter wardrobe. Just like HUB's flagship trainers, these boots are made from top quality leather and benefit from thoughtful extra details. Chunky heels make it easy to stay on your feet, while cotton linings will keep your feet both warm and comfortable, and prevent rubbing on the inside. Many of these HUB boots are perfect for work or formal occasions, but there are also some chunky, Doc Marten's inspired styles that would be great for casual days.