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HUNTER – for the outdoors

HUNTER is a British outdoor fashion brand that has offered comfort and stylish pieces since 1856 for men, women, and kids. With Royal Warrants of Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh, they are the go-to choice for protection from the elements and the bleakest landscapes. Offering the most robust pieces, you are free to walk your own path. Classic rubber boots with a reinforced heel and a playful buckle design can carry you through wind, rain and snow while keeping your feet dry. Warmly lined snowboots are your friend in the bitter cold. No expedition is complete without accessories; bags and backpacks in dignified colours come in a sturdy canvas or leather material with padded shoulders for extra support during your trip. Their socks always functional and well-cut, adding pride to your appearance while keeping you dry and protected from the wind.

HUNTER – progressively British

Since 1856, HUNTER has equipped people for their journeys. The label is constantly evolving the meaning of Britishness through simplicity and perfect function. While pushing the boundaries with design, they are even doing so with sustainable options. Taking corporate responsibility for the environment is what they set out to do, with sustainability initiatives that benefit working conditions, products and the environment. Since 2012, they have donated Wellington boots to their global charity partners all around the world. They have introduced a recycling service only currently available in the UK, called ReBoot. You can recycle your old boots to be made into new ones in an effort to reduce waste. This is a service they are hoping to make available worldwide in the future. They care a lot about fairness and have a zero-tolerance of slavery, doing as much as they can to ensure fair wages and good treatment of all suppliers’ employees.

Preparing your outdoor look with HUNTER

If you’re spending the day out in the tall grass or forests on a wet day, tall rubber boots will protect your feet and legs from the wet while looking great. Going for a walk in a more urban area, HUNTER also has you covered. Their boots come in a fun mix of colours and still maintain the high, robust quality of the brand. The beauty of the brand is that it can go with anything. Opt for the sleek black or metallic boots to give your look a bit of an edge. Traditional boots can also go well with your jeans and sweater while you spend the day in the forest. Go with bright ankle-high boots for a city adventure. Don’t forget stylish bags & backpacks to carry what you need for study or work. If it’s a snowy day, snowboots with a surprising cheeky and colourful pattern will make playing in the snow more fun.