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Missguided: on-trend and empowering

With a keen eye on empowering the fashion-forward individuals in modern society, Missguided is a brand that isn’t afraid to make bold decisions with its creations. Inspired by the latest trends as well as trends that have yet to hit the mainstream, the vibe is very much one of delivering cutting edge fashion that incorporates street style, flattering colours, complementary patterns and a range of options that cater to all tastes. Aimed at the 16 to 35-year-old woman, everything offered by the brand is made with a global influence, meaning that not only does it reflect the biggest trends in your environment right now, but it also reflects all the trends spreading across the world. Put plainly, you can absolutely cultivate your personal style using this brand. Forever striving to be first in line for the next big thing, this brand is known to drop more than 1000 different new styles and items every single week. In order to offer even better-fitted clothing for different body shapes, Missguided has several ranges where you will find clothing that perfectly suits you: Missguided Petite, Missguided Tall, Missguided Plus, and Missguided Maternity!

Behind the scenes

The name behind Missguided is Nitin Passi. After beginning his fledgeling career in the midst of the New York fashion industry, Passi took the plunge and launched his own brand in 2009 in Manchester, where the company's head office is still based. Passi’s natural talent and flair for knowing what young women like to wear set the company on the path to success, and his intuition continues to steer the company to even headier heights. Since its launch, the fashion chain has gone from strength to strength, not least due to the ‘skin tone filter’ that allows you to choose items that are made with your complexion in mind. No stranger to celebrity collaborations, having completed successful partnerships with many high profile stars over the years – including Nicole Scherzinger and Gemma Collins – this is the brand that can help your individualism shine.

Buy Missguided clothing for every occasion online

Those who like to keep their finger on the pulse when it comes to fashion will find everything that they need and more when browsing through what this brand has to offer. From oversized quilted jackets and coats to going out tops, this label’s designs cover the entire spectrum from comfortable leisurewear to full-on glamour. You will notice that categories can’t be pinned down and defined by just a few styles; you can just as easily find everyday knit dresses as you can evening-appropriate mini dresses. Wear blanket-style winter coats to beat the chill, or sassy, shirt-cut belted short coats when the weather is warmer. Maternity wear and plus sizes are both available, and their blazers can easily take you from the office to a weekend away. Of course, you can’t put together a new outfit without the matching accessories and shoes; as you might expect, you’re covered on that front, too. You can even build your outfit from the underwear up – from top to toe, you can find everything you need in the Missguided online shop!