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Morgan: Fashion with a real identity

For a number of years, Morgan has been a brand that is associated with making women feel empowered through their outfit choices. A French company with a keen focus on creating signature fashion looks for customers, the company’s philosophy is to never stop looking for the next best thing. Fashion is always moving forwards, and they no problem keeping up with all the ins and out of the high fashion world. No matter what the zeitgeist happens to be, one thing that you can always rely on them for is a connection to whatever is popular in the present, along with strong values that keep every design and garment equally timeless too. If you are looking to express yourself with your wardrobe while still keeping things classy, then Morgan is a great place to start.

Behind The Scenes

Morgan was created in 1987 by Odette Barouch and Jocelyne Bismuth, two sisters who wanted to make their mark in the world of fashion design and retail. After making the decision to take ownership of an old lingerie factory that was bought by their parents in 1967, the company was officially born. The brand very quickly gained recognition on the international scene, and by 1991 there were a number of boutiques dotted around the world. By the mid-1990s, it had become a favoured name of several of the decade’s biggest stars – especially French celebrities – including footballer David Ginola, tennis player Yannick Noah, Carla Bruni – wife of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy – and Laetitia Casta, model and former Victoria Secret’s Angel. After the turn of the 21st century, Morgan has expanded significantly, boasting hundreds of branches spanning every corner of the globe, from Europe to South America to Asia.

Clothing to suit all tastes in the Morgan online shop

What is very clear to see is that this is a designer that values high quality and timeless style more than anything else. You will find that the garments on offer are the perfect combination of on-trend and evergreen, making the ideal choice for the backbone of any signature wardrobe. There is a distinct flair for lace, which is used in multiple ways in many categories across the whole range. Lace is a material that evokes an equal amount of sophistication and sex appeal, and the designers have a way to incorporate these two ends of the spectrum in single garments. Options range from formal blouses that can grace both the office or a formal social occasion, to skirts and dresses that evoke a lot of stylish fun for any scenario. Morgan is the kind of brand that can dress you appropriately for every day and situation of the week.