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MOS MOSH: attention to detail – always with a twist

MOS MOSH is a Danish label that prides itself on having humble principles, original designs and luxurious quality. That’s why, when you look at what it offers, you will see character in each and every piece of clothing. Take plaid print blazers and trousers, for example; you’ll find excellent stitching matched with well-fitting cuts – but that’s not the end of the story. Cheeky zips and buttons give depth to a silhouette and you can be bold with colour, either matching it all or mixing it up. Couple your suit with blouses & tunics through the week for a smart office look, then have fun on the weekends in wedding or festive wear. Pastels can easily be worn with similar tones for a more blocky, structured look. No matter what style you set out to achieve, comfort is not just an option; it’s a given. And made from fabrics of the most luscious quality, your clothes will sit well and feel great.

From the kitchen to the catwalk

In 2010, Kim Hyldahl had an epiphany. At his kitchen counter, he sketched what was to become a debut line of jeans and trousers. His first seven pieces were created under the label MOS MOSH – named after his idol, British supermodel Kate Moss – and his ambitions were always clear: well-fitting cuts, an all-round high quality and, most importantly, designs that featured a twist. Once his aims were realised, the brand quickly grew and was soon able to focus on achieving international recognition. Making sure to keep a firm hold of both heritage and principles, the label was soon winning awards and turning heads at worldwide fashion events. Winners of the prestigious Drapers Independents Womenswear Brand of the Year Award in 2018, their initiatives are just as impressive as their accolades. Care is a large part of the brand’s ethos, focusing on the happiness of their designers and employees as well as their relationships with their suppliers. Their goal to be known for fairness, responsibility, quality and sustainability has been met – time and time again.

Making MOS MOSH a part of your wardrobe

This brand should be your go-to if you like to mix and match your wardrobe. Bright, playful colours and unique designs give you the opportunity to show yourself off – but tone it down if you need. Dresses and skirts are always a great base to work from. Pair with high heels to elongate your legs, or comfortable flats if your day is spent on your feet. Start simple with a flattering palette and build from there with patterns and accessories. For a more casual look, jeans are always a good choice. Either throw on a classic fitted tee or tuck in one of the brand’s shirt blouses for a cute-yet-chic approach. And coats don’t have to be an afterthought – they can actually elevate your whole outfit, offering a totally put-together vibe. Whatever you do and wherever you go, MOS MOSH will get you there in style.