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Moves – for acceptably daring trends

For a collection as unique as you, Moves offers fashion that deeply resonates and inspires. With some beautiful style that’s hard to forget, it’s not hard to see why wearing this label will definitely turn heads. Alluring cuts and charming patterns help to create a look that will liven up any situation. Whether you’re drinking coffee in the city or heading out of town on business, there is an outfit just waiting to rouse your inner Goddess to come out and play. A blend of elegance and bold cuts make it easy to be the belle of the ball. The fun details added to the designs make for an edgy yet feminine look, whatever the occasion. Along with daring styles comes daring materials. Vivacious viscose and bedazzling buttons are but a small part of such emboldened pieces on the rack every season. Though mostly fun and cheeky, the lines are also timeless. You might find yourself mixing old and new, but you'll always stand out.

The brand Moves – from Denmark with love

Picture this: Aarhus in 1997. Minimum has its grand opening as a retail shop. Over time the shop starts dabbling in fashion, becoming an independent brand with its own men’s fashion line in 1999. Eight years later, their first women’s clothesline was introduced. Ladies, please welcome Moves! In the years since the brand has found its calling as an innovator of ‘it’ fashion items. Fresh and fun, they have honed in on what European fashion is all about without the need to play it safe. Experimentation is on the menu, here, with floral prints, metallic materials and leather-imitation being used on the most unexpected pieces. Be ready to rock the room and stir up some envy as you join the not-so-dark side of fashion.

Show off your Moves

Get ready to mix classic and edgy with some unique items that work very well. If you want to take baby steps into the world of rebellious fashion, consider one of the imitation-leather or metallic-style shirts & tops over some flattering jeans. Better yet, mixing colourful skirts with leopard print blouses & tunics could make for an awesomely fun night on the town. If you’re thinking of an office scene, make waves there with classic-cut trousers with one of their blazers or jackets. If you’re dressing for colder months, top your sexy jumpers & knitwear with some classic and cosy winter coats. Sometime between one season and the next, their between-seasons coats bring out the fun of the elements with some unusual patterns and adorable buttons. Don’t be afraid to mix up your traditional wardrobe with some adorable skirts, blouses & tunics. They are tame enough for mild experimentation, but they have just enough gusto to jazz up your look. Moves is not only a fashion label, it’s a way of life.