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O'Neill: for surfers & adventurers

At first glance, you may think that O'Neill offers sports casual clothing, but they are a little more distinct. As oxymoronic as it sounds, it is a laid-back brand of sports clothing, created for people who want to look good in their sports gear without looking like they are trying too hard. Their products are not low-cost budget garments. They are on the basic and inexpensive side, but they do have sports-specific lines, like surfing, snowboarding, etc., where the price tag and quality levels rise sharply. O'Neil is targeted at Millennials, but there is also a kid’s line. The brand really comes into its own with its wet suits, as they have an intermediate priced line that are beyond serviceable for part-time and professional divers, surfers, and water-sport enthusiasts.

O'Neill – A History in the Californian Surf

The company was founded in 1952 by a man called Jack O'Neill. Initially operating in San Francisco, selling only surfboards and surfwear, within ten years they moved to Santa Cruz with a mission to expand the range. The man behind the brand was one of the inventors of the wet suit and is certainly responsible for popularising the garment. Jack started in his basement, and his company now sells in 86 countries worldwide. The company is privately owned, so their financial success is difficult to pin down, but their success at home and around the world speaks for itself with the company having hundreds of distributors globally. If it were not for this label, neoprene wet suits would have probably never taken off in the way they did. Their snow wear was part of a brand extension years later in the early 00s and are considered high-quality gear for winter sports.

How to Wear O'Neill Branded Garments

If you are wearing their bathing suits, then you are getting a good-quality item at a very reasonable price. Just make sure you find the right one to fit your body type! As for their laid-back sportswear, the goal is to look relaxed without giving the impression that you do not care. Their casual wear is perfect for autumn and winter, and their light and breezy blouses & tunics are great for summer and are loose enough so you can wear your swimming gear underneath. Their hoodies and jackets are mostly neutral coloured, but if you choose something bold, then pair them with black trousers to emphasize the top. How you wear the swimwear is up to your personal taste, but the sneakers and sandals are best worn for casual occasions, holidays, and on the beach. If you are buying children’s wear, then feel free to mix and match your bold coloured garments, such as dresses & skirts, as they have a fun and airy feel to their design.