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ONLY – classic style with a contemporary twist

ONLY is an international fashion brand for young women. Offering pieces that don’t define your look, you’re free to experiment depending on your mood. The timeless nature of the label affords you the ability to reimagine your wardrobe as you see fit. Bright prints can be easily offset with monochrome or block colours. A wide sustainable collection means you can wear clothes guilt-free due to their membership with the Better Cotton Initiative. Dressing for any occasion needn’t be a challenge with such a wide array available, with something for every season waiting for you. Brighten up your office wardrobe with some traditional, yet playful, cuts and styles at your disposal. They have thought of everything you could possibly need, including accessories, to complete your look. Keep safe and look great with fabric masks; made of cotton and machine washable, just pick your preferred design to embolden your look. Well-known for their jeans, you can find great-fitting cuts with fun extras. Feel great with worn-look skinny jeans and cute oversized sweaters in a wide monochrome array. The classsic ONLY range has been extended with many ranges: ONLY Play and ONLY Play Curvy offer athleisure, ONLY CARMAKOMA offers trendy clothing for curvy women, their kids' line has the brand's signature styles for girls and boys, and ONLY & SONS offers men trendy quality pieces.

ONLY – Scandinavian origins and values

ONLY is a part of a larger group, Danish fashion company BESTSELLER. In 1975, the fashion giant took Europe by storm. Today, they have multiple well-known brands across the world and are still adding more to their repertoire. ONLY found its way in 1995, making it big in the Chinese market in 1996, quickly becoming a popular choice all over the world. As an organisation, their sustainability initiative, Fashion FWD, is a large part of all their offerings. Pushing fashion forward into sustainability, with a focus on circular design, is their main goal. Aiming to achieve their strategy as soon as possible, they are pushing forward to create fairness in social labour, kinder chemical management and more use of highly sustainable materials. Since they began in 2000, they are accelerating at an amazing pace. Their sustainable lines are fit-to-bursting and afford themselves a large responsibility to continually achieve a high level of sustainability.

Choosing ONLY for any occasion – from the online store to your home

Denim is a large part of what makes the label tick and inspires most of the lines offered every season. Though denim may run through the designers’ veins, your outfit doesn’t need to always comprise of it. Finding your style is what they help you do without pushing your boundaries. Summery dresses and short jumpsuits can certainly captivate with high-heeled sandals. Play with some sustainable sneakers if you’re having a whole day of walking. For your workday, classic skirts or plaid trousers with pretty blouses & tunics can really start off your day. Be bold with frilly cuts or playful bows or play it sensibly with plain colours and subtle statement-making collars. Whether you choose plaid dresses or trousers, finish your look with fun blazers in an array of cuts. Go big or go home with boots or booties, or try pumps & high heels if you want a more modernised traditional look. No matter what you choose, make the look truly yours with the right accessories. Bolden with ONLY’s very own belts, add elegance with jewellery or jazz it up with hair accessories.