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Ray-Ban: always in style

Ray-Ban is the mid-century classic that never goes out of fashion. Class meets rugged durability in these innovative sunglasses, produced by this American-born Italian brand. These stunners' silhouettes are classic and straightforward, while the novel shapes and shimmering multi-coloured lenses elevate every outfit. Beloved for their secure fit and smart-to-street versatility, the classic Aviators continue their reign season after season, for men, women, and kids! Protective enough for the wild but subtle enough for everyday wear, these ultra-comfortable metal-frames feature flexible cable at the temples and dark reflective lenses. Angular winged glasses designed to be revolutionary, the instantly recognisable Wayfarers have become the go-to option for Hollywood stars like Tom Cruise and Emma Stone. With highest-quality UV protection, the blinkers combine sturdy arms and a cool trapezoidal design inspired by the iconic Cadillac tailfins. Other models have been released, such as the Clubmaster and the General, solidifying the brand's century-long popularity.

Back in time

Evolving from a 1937 prototype made with plastic frames and green lenses to a globally renowned eyewear brand, the name 'Ray-Ban' was the brainchild of Colonel John McReady, inventor of the Anti-Glare Aviators originally made for Bausch and Lomb. Elevated by metal frames and impact-resistant lenses, in 1999, they were acquired by Italian brand Luxottica, and the brand's selection expanded, hitting its peak in the late 90s. Today, these trademark sunglasses are produced and manufactured in Milan and are a worldwide presence in the eyewear accessories market for both men and women. Over the years, Ray-Ban has produced several special editions, giving its trademark style an edgy twist. It offers a handmade collection created in collaboration with artist Patrick Mason, drawing inspiration from gemstones like Obsidian and Beryl. It has even created a line of foldable, light-responsive eyeglasses inspired by the famous Ferrari.

How to rock Ray-Ban

Classic Wayfarers will dress up any summer outfit. Choose black or tortoiseshell for a multifaceted look. Aviators are the ultimate way to add a military aesthetic to casual outfits and, taking their cue from the originals, modern Aviators mix an edgy cut and street styling in equal measure. These sunglasses work well with denim all year round and pair well with a biker jacket for some extra oomph. Clubmasters suit all face shapes and won't dress down a classy outfit. They fit nicely, complementing a statement blazer. Whether dressed up for work or dressed down for the weekend, these stylish thin-rimmed glasses keep you feeling sleek on the most demanding of days. For a touch of retro, go for round frames. When in doubt about the colour, choose gold frames that will remain on-trend year after year. Want to add some vintage to your outfit without round frames? Grab a pair from the brand's Erika line. These beauties are enough to be your outfit's statement piece, so keep it simple with dark jeans and a plain tee. For eyewear that never goes out of style, Ray-Ban is your best bet.