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RIP CURL: The ultimate surfing company

You can’t think of surfing without RIP CURL springing to mind. This Australian company has been at the forefront of surf culture since its creation in the sixties and is synonymous with beach days, warm salty air and cool surf style. The label creates an iconic range of men and women’s beachwear; think multi-coloured palm prints, floral designs and bold colours, with cutting edge wetsuits for when you’re serious about the surf. Despite owning the surfer market, this brand can also offer you premium skiwear, skatewear, accessories and footwear. Exciting collaborations with world champion surfers keep the label current, and with its surf championship ‘Gromsearch’ they continue to uncover exciting new talent to add to their surf team. This brand really is at the heart of surf culture, seeing as it's a company built by surfers for surfers! RIP CURL remains at the top of its game thanks to their innovative designs and historic reputation.

Australian surf royalty

RIP CURL was founded in 1969, when two surf-obsessed friends decided to extend their summer in Torquay, Australia and quit their day jobs. They agreed to start making and selling their own surf boards, and Doug “Claw” Warbrick and Brian “Sing Ding” Singer set to work in Brian's garage on the Great Ocean road. With hard work, luck and great timing they were soon selling surfboards to the best surfers in Torquay. In 1969 another local surfer, Alan Green, joined the pair and they started making wetsuits to complement the boards (Green later left and set up Quiksilver). Quickly, the company went from a garage set-up to growing exponentially, with the surfer scene gravitating towards them. Their ranges grew from surfboards and wetsuits to extensive sportswear and equipment. They are consistently winning awards for their well-made and highly regarded products, and celebrated for their innovation in the surf industry. In 2019, the company was purchased by Kathmandu after remaining a private company for 50 years, and continue to dominate the surfwear industry.

Wearing RIP CURL

Made for the beach, this historic surf brand are a tried and tested option for iconic, durable and cool swimwear. Whether you’re more suited to sunbathing or out there chasing the waves, this label has got you covered. If you prefer to watch from the shore, their bikini options are stand-out styles made from the best materials, so try a coordinated look or switch it up and clash your separates. Cover-up when the sun is high with an easy-to-wear, quick-dry dress, and accessorise your look with some sun protection like a cool hat with some timeless sunglasses. As the day comes to an end, a hoodie and casual sweatpants will keep you warm and give you that signature laid-back look to watch the sunset. If you enjoy Australian beach-vibe style and want to look your best on the waterfront, just leave it to RIP CURL.