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Ted Baker: no ordinary designer label

Ted Baker has dominated the high end of the high street for decades with its smart, elegant and distinctive styles. Known for its wedding-guest ready outfits, appealing workwear and accessories, this quintessentially British label has become a well-established and timeless luxury brand. Expect to find original prints, strong usage of pattern and colour, elegant designs and flattering silhouettes. Ted Baker attracts style-conscious men and women: With their high-quality staples and the company's ventures into lines such as soft furnishings and stationery, their customers have a multitude of ways to introduce this label into their lives. As the brand continues to grow and move with the demands of a changing industry, and they have introduced a sustainable fashion range using recycled materials to create a range of men's suits. With their finger constantly on the fashion pulse, they've been able to cement their place in the industry by constantly evolving, yet keeping their focus on premium quality and fun-loving fashion.

The finer details

The brand's story began in Scotland in 1988, as a menswear shirt specialist setting up a home in Glasgow. Instead of naming the company after himself, the founder, Ray Kelvin, decided to create a persona, and describes the label's name as his 'alter ego'. Their esteemed reputation grew and so did the brand, quickly gaining presence in other cities like Manchester, Sheffield and Cambridge. By the 90s, the brand had ventured into London's Covent Garden and a new line was born: Ted Baker for women. The brand has successfully expanded into areas such as homeware, shoes, cosmetics, lingerie and jewellery. Their success continues to skyrocket, and today, with 490 stores and concessions worldwide, they are one of the fastest-growing and leading luxury lifestyle brands in the UK.

Bringing Ted Baker from the online store directly into your wardrobe

Introduce this coveted fashion label into your wardrobe and you'll gain exceptional pieces that you can trust will last for years to come. With its beginnings as a shirt specialist, tailoring has remained strong throughout their history so it would be advantageous to try one of their stylish suits. This fun-loving brand also loves its quirky prints and you'll find them running through their ranges of dresses and skirts; picking just one of these unique pieces would certainly increase your style credentials. Given that their range of more formal wear works well at a wedding or special event, this brand is a great option should you be searching for something extraordinary to wear. With outerwear being something they're well known for, a statement coat could be a worthwhile investment. The right coat can upgrade your entire look, leaving you looking polished and chic. Step into style by adding in some elegant booties and a bold coloured scarf for extra style flair. There are so many ways to incorporate this brand into your day that it's easy to discover why Ted Baker is timeless!