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TOMS – fashion that is generous

TOMS is an American footwear label that functions with quite a twist. A unique business model of one-for-one ensures that for every pair of shoes sold, a pair will be given to a person in need. Whether you’re in need of booties, sneakers, ballerinas or high heels, the unique blend of traditional and modern styles gives you an opportunity to expand your wardrobe generously. Made with high quality, ethically sourced materials, pieces from this brand will serve you for years to come. You will find playful prints and bold block colours in every line. Slip-ons with a metallic finish will look great with jeans or dresses during spring and summer days. Consider leopard print boots to liven up your office attire. Well-made and comfortable, there is certainly something for every season. Velour ballerinas with cheeky patterns are just as at home in the office as a day out in the city streets. Soft linings protect against rubbing so say goodbye to blisters after a long day on your feet.

Charity at the heart of TOMS

A truly unique brand, TOMS was founded with people in mind. After Blake Mycoskie travelled to Argentina in 2006, he was overwhelmed by the struggle of children without simplicities that are taken for granted by most; shoes to offer basic foot protection and the ability to attend school. His response was to create a shoe label with a One For One model. As they grew, so did their charitable gifting. Along with donating almost 100 million pairs of shoes (canvas slip-ons, school shoes, athletic shoes and wet-weather slip-ons), over three-quarters of a million people have had their sight restored and almost 750,000 weeks of safe water have been given with thanks to donations and collaborations with charities all over the world. One-third of profits are automatically donated to projects across the globe, with not only focus on the Third World; projects in America and Europe also benefit. Shoes have been provided to over 80 countries around the world. A label which is certified as a ‘B’ corporation, they represent a high level of standard in every category.

Completing your look with TOMS

Generous by nature, TOMS and their designers refuse to skimp on product design. With fun additions such as buckles, patterns, prints and stand-out trims, your feet won’t be left out of your perfect outfit. Boots and booties are made to protect your feet from the rain, so you can wear them with dresses or just jeans and a sweater. Accessorise to make your look truly yours. Stuck around the house? Slippers with faux fur linings can keep your feet toasty and looking fabulous with fluffy pom-poms and or some cute festive designs to make working at home more colourful. Sneakers with funky treads can revitalise any outfit; you can pair with some sweatpants or joggers for exercise or throw them on with your favourite casual outfit for a day out with friends or family. There is something for everyone – men or women: shopping online in the TOMS store will ensure you find your new favourite shoes!