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Tory Burch: bags of style

Every woman loves a designer handbag. Although her fashion brand encompasses shoes, clothing, jewellery, sunglasses and sportswear, Tory Burch is probably most famous for her range of handbags. She has created all types of bags, from large totes and clutch bags to satchels, mini bags and even backpacks. Whatever the type of bag, they all possess the famous gold logo of a double T. Although this is an American brand like the founder, they have managed to achieve a global feel to their collections through their use of colours and print. This is a reflection of Tory's love of travel and her philosophy that we should all try to live life in full colour. If you are looking to add some style to your wardrobe, this is a brand you can't go wrong with.

The Story of Tory

Founded in 2004 with an initial shop in the trendy Nolita district of Manhattan in New York, the Tory Burch brand was a success right from the start. The brand was endorsed by Oprah Winfrey on her TV show in 2005 when she said that she thought that it was the next big thing in fashion. This brought a whole new level of success with over 8 million visitors to the brand's website the very next day. Further acclaim followed with the brand's first runway show in 2011 and a fragrance launch in 2013. Their clothing also used frequently by characters on the popular TV shop Gossip Girl, which added to its visibility and popularity. This meant that there were often wait lists to buy the most popular items. There are now over 300 stores across the world. The company also runs a foundation to help the economic advancement of women in businesses in the USA.

Perfectly preppy with choices for all

Preppy is a word which is often used to describe the brand. It is a style that the founder has perfected with a dash of Boho-chic added to the mix. This means that her clothes have a modern look without following temporary fashion trends. They are extremely wearable and will be fixtures in your wardrobe for some time. This is a conscious design decision from Tory herself who described it as old-fashioned to wear something just once, whether that be trousers, skirts or shoes. If you are looking for a vintage look, then Tory often uses colour to reflect this with a mixture of orange and tan being a popular choice which gives a real 70s feel. If you want to give a Boho outfit a smarter feel, then use one of Tory's classic structured handbags with it to immediately achieve a top-class look. Alternatively, pick a pair of Tory Burch sunglasses to add a touch of style. There are choices available to suit every outfit with aviator styles, square frames, round frames and even cat eye styled sunglasses.