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Trendyol – fashion that’s affordable

Turkish label Trendyol might not be a brand that many people know, so maybe it’s time to get acquainted. Focusing on the nuts and bolts of fashion design, they produce simple pieces that assist you in assembling your perfect outfit. They offer a little something for every need, including more formal wear all the way to the downright casual. High-quality materials and craftsmanship will ensure that your pieces last longer than just one season. Cute prints and bright colours adorn almost every line where flattering cuts and daring frills can be readily found. Classic designs and bright colours are ready to invigorate your wardrobe. The hot and sizzling style of the south easily blends with the cool and amiable style of the north, mixing expressive splashes of colour with more muted tones. Pick up the funk with tie-dye or Paisley patterned trousers or tone it down with one of their corduroy skirts with a monochrome aesthetic. Blend the plain with the fun with shirts & tops that can easily finish off the look.

How Trendyol went from e-commerce to fashion

This young label has surprising beginnings as fashion wasn’t the brand’s main focus at the start. In 2010, Trendyol began as a state-of-the-art e-commerce company, with a simple goal to bring a seamless experience to both their customers and their suppliers. The company grew to include divisions such as their Tech division, a leading Research and Development centre, Express, a fast-growing transportation network, and Dolap, the largest second-hand product platform in Turkey. This company now offers products in a dizzying array of categories, including fashion. For a while, they were promoting other labels’ designs, but it wasn’t long before they added their own. As a forward-thinking company striving to make the biggest positive impact on the world, they have sustainable options and a one-of-a-kind ecosystem to boot.

Making a statement with Trendyol

Bold prints, fun designs and cheeky trims await you, no matter what you’re dressing for. Dresses suitable for a whole wedding party are just as versatile in their role as evening wear. With the right accessories and shoes, you can be just as at home at a business lunch as you would on a night out with friends. Wanting to dress for the office is a cinch with jumpsuits & overalls that come with fun buttons or playful lace hemming. Easily pairable with colourful blazers or between-seasons coats, you can match them with heels or pumps during the day or some fun and bright boots for night-time play. Treat yourself to some imitation-leather trousers to go with one of the blouses & tunics you’ve been eyeing. Be more daring and choose one of the print shirts & tops so you can have two smart/casual looks that won’t be out of place. Shop your perfect outfit online now!