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UGG – more than just shoes

When you think of UGG, you might be transported to a time long ago when models and celebrities would sport some super warm and comfortable boots with brightly coloured matching sweatsuits. Those days for the brand are a happy memory in their evolution. Over the years, they grew from a premium sheepskin and leather boot manufacturer to a high-quality clothing and footwear label available to all. Managing to obtain this without losing what makes them luxurious is certainly quite a feat. As you no longer have to consider such a hefty price tag when purchasing these made-to-last fashions, you can bulk up your wardrobe with their classic, yet funky designs. Their designs are available for women, men, and kids! What’s more, they are a big believer in sustainable fashion and animal welfare. With high sustainability and luxurious quality, what’s not to love about the brand?

UGG - Australian origins, American inspiration

In 1978, an Australian man wanted to share his love with sheepskin with the rest of the world. Being based in Southern California, he was afforded the chance to do just that. His range had become a part of the Californian culture and was loved up and down the coast. After some endorsement by Oprah Winfrey in the 2000s, the label exploded almost overnight, with stores popping up all across the globe. Over the years, UGG has collaborated with other iconic fashion names to create some truly diverse designs. By 2020, they have a foot in various footwear and clothing styles. Not only is the brand making waves with different lines, but their focus on sustainability is a strong one. Their initiative, FEEL GOOD, details their journey to a more sustainable future, with focus on their community, the environment and innovation of their products. A large part of their products tends to come from animal-based materials. The label has ensured to create a FIVE FREEDOMS requirement for all of its suppliers, of which 100% are fully compliant.

Wearing UGG year-round

Though sporting the original style is tempting on its own, don’t forget that they have evolved. It may be true that there is a focus on casual fashion, but there is nothing stopping you from rocking Italian inspired boots and shoes around the office or at a party. Be prepared for jaws to drop with beautifully elegant heels and sandals, perfect for spring and summer days or nights. Heading out for a long day of wandering will mean you are in need of some sneakers, which are not only bright and cheerful but can also be an amazing addition to your workout wardrobe. Speaking of your workout, cotton trousers matched with one of their mesmerising tops or T-shirts will make you look forward to exercising. Stay warm in sweaters & knitwear or a cosy in winter jackets, and UGG can keep you comfortable in every type of weather.

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