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VENICE BEACH: staying active in style

With innovative designs and cool features that are not seen in many competing brands, VENICE BEACH has made a name for itself as a women’s activewear brand that ranks very highly on the popularity ladder. With a passion for sport and activity but never forgetting that women like to look good whilst they are doing it, this company has found a perfect middle ground between style and practicality. Their creations give all the comfort and support that you need to complete your chosen activities and tasks, but the great thing is that the garments never sacrifice any essence of femininity to achieve that. High-quality materials are what sets the brand apart from many others, with skin-friendly cottons and breathable elastic ‘Drytivity’ technology for amazing performance. It’s a match made in heaven and the perfect products for staying in shape whilst staying in style are the bedrock of the brand’s offer.

Behind the scenes at VENICE BEACH

Although the brand very much evokes the vibes of classic California dreaming, it was actually founded in Germany in 1988. Using the American culture of sun and surfing as inspiration for their products, the founders and accompanying designers began to come up with items that fit into that ethos and way of life including activities like yoga, swimming, Pilates, and all-round fun that can be had outdoors around water and nature. In the more than thirty years since its humble beginnings, VENICE BEACH has branched out and become a global name in the fashion industry, with recognition that travels as far as the destination after which it is named. In terms of physical branch locations, the company still very much has the largest presence in its native Germany, but there are also stores dotted across Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey and other European countries.

How to look great in VENICE BEACH clothes

Truth be told, it is hard to look anything other than great when wearing this company’s designs. One-piece swimsuits are very much back in fashion these days, and when you can pick from a range of colours including vibrant red, slimming black or classy navy blue, you are positively spoilt for choice. The commitment to classic shaping is evident in the one-piece options, but the clothes can be fresh and funky too. For example, there are also a number of bikinis that celebrate the visual joy of floral neon, a pattern that perfectly signifies the fun of summer days spent at the beach or by the pool. For days when you aren't planning on taking a dip, beach dresses or a colourful selection of trousers give you everything you need and more. When you want to make a splash with your holiday wardrobe or something sustainable, choose VENICE BEACH.