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Wolford – sophistication from the toes up

The epitome of exclusive luxury, Wolford is best known for its Essential collection – a range of decorative and figure-embracing lingerie, tights, stockings and shapewear designed for the strong, self-confident woman. With a focus on comfort, this label uses soft, high-quality, non-creasing materials so that every silhouette is a study in feminine elegance. Best known for their ready-to-wear, seamless hosiery, their products are the perfect starting point for every outfit. But their expertise isn’t restricted to underwear – they also produce a Trend line of fashionable dresses, pullovers and accessories. If you want to stick to the classics, however, consider some of their combination products. Some tights designs include not only an opaque control top but also a sheer thigh panel, before running down the leg in a lacy pattern. With such a wide selection of styles and finishes, you really can’t go wrong with Wolford.

Innovative pioneers

The brainchild of industrialist Reinhold Wolff and retail entrepreneur Walter Palmer, Wolford launched in 1950, offering pure silk and rayon stockings – the first time polymide fibre had been processed in this way. This was not the last cutting-edge innovation, however. In 1977, they made the first pair of transparent shaping tights, in 1992 the first seamless body and in 1994, the first pair of opaque, matte tights with smoothly bonded seams. Women were now able to invisibly wear their hosiery under tight-fitting clothing, and in 2016, Comfort Cut tights were the first time they could also choose a pair with a waist size that would adapt to their figure. As a leading brand, they collaborated with leading figures, including world-famous photographer Helmut Newton in the 1990s, then Vivienne Westwood, Vetements and adidas. With their products globally available in department stores, partner boutiques and their own proprietary locations, every woman can feel sophisticated from the toes up in this label.

How to wear Wolford

As a body-shaping specialist, this is where you should start for every formal occasion. Particularly suitable for wedding attire, their shapewear defines your curves by ingraining a flowy design. Depending on your outfit, you can choose shaping bodies with in-built cups to enjoy a supportive one-piece, or wear a body that is cut just under the bust. This type of body wear comes with straps to keep it in place, and you can easily match the colour to your bra. Shaping pants pull your tummy in and sit high on the waist for peace of mind while shaping slips sit over your underwear so you can still wear your favourite frilly bottoms, but benefit from the firming effect on your bum and waist. If you’re in the mood for a little more lace, add control top hold-ups to add some private va-va-voom. From patterned to plain, sheer to opaque, Wolford has everything you need to feel confident in your own skin.