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Zizzi – no curve left behind

If you weren’t born to be a size zero, and you feel despair at the plus-sized fashion available, there’s some fantastic news: Zizzi worships your curves and creates stunning fashion that will fit you perfectly. With a passion for plus-sized fashion like no other, their flattering cuts gently accentuate your curves rather than hiding or amplifying them. Sizes will no longer be too tight- or loose-fitting, giving you the perfect opportunity to show the world what you’ve got! With such an extensive range, you’ll find yourself worshipping the brand as much as they worship you and your beauty. You’ll find elegant prints and dazzling colour to embolden your wardrobe. Think dresses to entice, blouses & tunics to inspire and even jeans to empower. You’ll find it easy to impress with such an immense collection available.

20 years of curves with Zizzi

In the year 2000, a group of plus-size suppliers were appalled at the apparent lack of awareness for the full-bodied community. With such a strong market, it was a surprise that all that could be found was an ample supply of ‘easy’-cut clothes like jeans and t-shirts. Women with curves were being ignored, and they had enough. The stigmatization was too much to bear. Why couldn’t a shapely woman be sexy? Why does she have to look like she’s wearing a bag or a tent to social events? Soon, that all changed. After weeks of tireless work and care, Zizzi was ready to show the world how the curvaceous could really dress. With the Danish company Ball Group’s support, the label soon became a European phenomenon. Full-bodied women were looking amazing in their stunning ensembles, giving them new-found confidence to go with the comfort and high quality of the brand’s clothes.

Zizzi fashion for every occasion

With no occasion ignored, this label has created dazzling pieces for everything imaginable. If you’re going straight from the office for a night out on the town, you can stand out from the crowd by pairing a flattering floral blouse with a form-fitting skirt no matter the time of year. Of course, if it’s colder, opt for a fun jacket or one of their coats to complete your look. The label even has a gorgeous swimwear range for winter holidays or summer trips to the beach. If you have a wedding or a business trip, you’re in luck because there is certainly an outfit for you. Even if you’re having a fun day out with friends, check out the blouses & tunics. A fun floral number would definitely liven up the party. Wear with some light- to mid-blue jeans to really finish it off. For a smart/casual look, top off your outfit with one of the gorgeous between-season jackets. If you are looking for some style while you hit the gym, or want to go for a run through the park, the Zizzi online sportswear range has got your back.