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Let's get ready for
Black Week!
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BLACK Week on the ABOUT YOU online shop

Black Week is over, but at ABOUT YOU you can find your favorite fashion pieces at great prices all year long! Discover women's fashion sale and buy clothes, shoes and accessories at bargain prices. Gentlemen can find discounted menswear in the men's fashion sale section. Order today – with free shipping directly to your home.

Black Week 2023: November 20th-27th, 2023

Like every year, this BLACK WEEK will be all about price wars! With massive discounts planned, prices are going to race to the bottom and make shoppers everywhere swoon. Ever wonder what the history is behind these massive BLACK FRIDAY sales? ABOUT YOU explains:

The term BLACK FRIDAY originates from the USA and describes the day after American Thanksgiving. Many Americans use the following Friday as a bridge holiday to start buying the first Christmas presents – the Christmas Season has officially started!

Business owners started to notice this trend as well and started introducing huge discounts to increase sales. On BLACK FRIDAY, many shops open as early as 05:00 a.m., when customers can already enjoy endless discounts, special offers, and huge price drops. Many people queue up in front of shops the night before to be among the first to get their hands on discounted items.

Since the spreading of e-commerce, CYBER MONDAY was introduced on the Monday after Thanksgiving. While BLACK FRIDAY deals were originally meant for brick and mortar businesses, CYBER MONDAY deals were aimed at the e-commerce sector. Nowadays both days are joined to form a long weekend full of hot deals.

Ever wonder why this day full of discounts is called "BLACK FRIDAY"?

There are many theories and myths regarding the origin of the term "BLACK FRIDAY" – here you'll find the three most popular ones:

  • Theory 1: The huge mass of people gathering on this day and streaming out of the shopping malls melt together to look like an enormous black mass.
  • Theory 2: By selling lots of discounted items, the business owners turn their previous losses, their "red numbers", into profitable "black" ones.
  • Theory 3: While counting their huge profits, the business owners' fingers turn black.

What everyone agrees on, however, is that the business owners earn a lot and shoppers can save a lot of money – win-win!


ABOUT YOU also offers you irresistible deals on BLACK WEEK. From Monday, November 20st until Monday November 27th, 2023 you can discover amazing fashion for unbeatable prices, and the best is – you don't even have to leave the comfort of your home! Skip the crowded malls and elbow fights for the best deals. Order comfortably from your couch and give the long waiting times in front of changing rooms and cash decks a miss! During the BLACK WEEK SALE on ABOUT YOU, you can find jackets, dresses, pants, and many more – but only while stocks last. Secure yourself the hottest deals before someone else does! Enjoy the festive season together with ABOUT YOU – with your purchase you benefit from free delivery* and returns up to 100 days!

Black Friday FAQ

When will Black Week take place this year?

Monday, November 20th, to Monday, 27th November 2023

What happens on Black Friday?

On Black Friday many shops, online and offline, slash their prices for a short amount of time. Many shoppers take this opportunity to get their Christmas presents for a good price.

How long do the Black Friday deals last?

As the name already indicates, Black Friday takes place on Friday. But many shops start their sale campaigns a few hours earlier and let them run the whole weekend. Most Black Friday campaigns last at least for 3 days.

Popular brands on sale this Black Week