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DRYKORN Business blazer 'IRVING_SK' in Black


€ 229.00
Available sizes: 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44
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Looking smart in suit jackets

Suit jackets are vital for anyone who works in an office. These are an essential part of your workplace wardrobe – but even if you don't need one to comply with your company's dress code, you'll want one for special occasions. If you only wear your suit jacket to formal events, then choose one in black. This classic colour is never inappropriate; you'll be able to wear your jacket to a wedding, funeral or dinner party without any problems. Your suit jacket will have between one and three buttons. The more buttons, the more formal it is. To look good, be careful which buttons you do up. In a two-button suit, close the top button and leave the bottom one open. In a three-button suit, follow the rule of "sometimes, always, never" as you go from top to bottom.

Getting the fit right

There are different cuts for suit jackets, so you can easily find one that's right for you. The classic style does not come too close to the body, leaving you with room to manoeuvre. It may have a vent in the back to allow you more freedom of movement. Slim-cut suits are a more modern style that is particularly popular with younger men. They're a good choice if you want to look youthful and trendy, but you may feel out of place on more formal occasions. If you go for this option, your suit jacket should be close-fitting but never tight. The arms should end just above your shirt cuffs, leaving about half an inch of your shirt on display.

How to dress a suit jacket down

Men's suit jackets aren't just for the office! You can wear blazers for casual days. If you want to try this style, steer clear of black. Instead, go for grey, light brown, or a patterned jacket; plaid or checked fabrics look particularly good. Look for a jacket with just one button, as this is the most casual style. To keep yourself from looking too formal, you'll want to ensure that the rest of your outfit is as relaxed as possible. Choose jeans rather than chinos and, on a cold day, you might want to add a thin knit jumper for warmth. If the weather permits, you could just wear t-shirts underneath your suit jackets, but make sure that they're fitted rather than baggy.

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