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Discover your body type

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Celebrate yourself just as you are, no matter your age, shape or size. You can be tall, curvy or petite, have an apple shaped, pear shaped, broader shouldered shape, boyish shape or hourglass figure or both at the same time. Your body is unique and so is your style.

This guide will help you understand your figure and provide practical fashion tips that can become your biggest game changers.
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Are you tall, petite, or curvy?
Clothes are meant to fit you, not the other way around. Ranges made for tall, petite, and curvy figures make sure that you don't have to deal with things like sleeves falling short or pants needing to be heavily tailored. Our guide is here to support you while exploring a wide selection of products made to accentuate your look.
Tall Are you taller than 175 cm? Discover our curated fashion inspiration for tall women that will help you express your unique style.
Petite Are you shorter than 165 cm? Discover our curated fashion inspiration guides for petite women and find your new favourite pieces.
Curvy Are your hips and breasts well-defined? Discover our curated fashion inspiration pieces for curvy women and find pieces that will hug your beautiful curves.
What's your body shape?
Your body shape has nothing to do with your clothing size but is essentially based on your body proportions. The most common shapes are the pear shape, broader shouldered shape, apple shape, boyish shape, and hourglass shape. Find out what yours is and discover the perfect styles for highlighting your features.
The pear shape The fullest part of your body is around your hips and you have a smaller upper body.
The broader shouldered shape Your upper body is fuller and your shoulders are wider than your hips and legs.
The apple shape Your shoulders are broader than your hips and you have a rounded midriff with not much definition in the waist.
The hourglass shape You have a clearly defined waist and a roughly even hips and bust width.
The boyish shape Your body is a straighter shape and your hips are around the same width as your waist.
You've found your match. What's next?
We have curated the best fits for every figure so you can celebrate your individual style. Whether you're looking for your new favourite jeans or a dress to impress, explore our inspiration guides to find pieces that accentuate you, just the way you are.
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