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Celebrate you Join the suit club
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Statement suits

Come weddings, networking events, theme birthdays, and engagement parties – what do they all have in common? The opportunity to suit up! For a head-turning fashion moment, go for more than just your typical trousers-and-blazer combo: A 70s-styled suit in creme and a touch of velvet paired with your favourite sneaker is a modern and fun look that will surely steal the show. On the other hand, a burgundy suit combo coupled with a black vest guarantees a lot of fun and no noticeable red wine stains during your celebratory moments. Last but not least, no matter fashion’s mood, a sleek suit in black will forever stay in style for all formal occasions and give you that James Bond suave feel.

Liam D. - Classic Suit Look by Jack & Jones
Celebrate you Join the suit club
Ezra - Elegant Suit Look
Celebrate you Join the suit club