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Asics GT-1000 – maximum support for your feet

The Asics GT 1000 is a great running shoe – from start to finish it supports you perfectly. Not only does it improve performance, but it also prevents injuries, as it is specially designed for runners with overpronation. Pronation describes the normal rolling behaviour of your foot when running. Every time you touch the ground, the foot rolls a little inwards and the impact forces that arise are evenly distributed over the ball of the foot – this results in a natural cushioning movement. However, in overpronation, the foot lands on the outer edge of the heel, then bends inwards more than normal and transfers the force to the inner edge of the foot instead of the ball of the foot. This is usually the case if you have a flat arch or suffer from flat feet. In the long run, over-pronation damages your ligaments, joints and tendons. To prevent injuries, Asics offers you maximum support with the GT 1000 model with structured cushioning and a lot of stability. The shoe from this series is the perfect choice for this type of runner.

Long distance running transforms into a comfortable endeavour in Asics GT 1000

Thanks to its outstanding stabilisation technology, the Asics GT 1000 is particularly suitable for long distances. It prevents your foot from rolling more inwards, even if you are a little tired and have already run many miles. To help you achieve a stable running style, the shoe is equipped with many innovative technologies. The outsole offers a combination of Flytefoam and Gel cushioning, which is located close to the ground in the rear part of the sole. It absorbs and minimises the shocks that occur when you hit the ground. In addition, this special sole gives you an extremely light feel. A curved insole that supports the arch of the foot adapts perfectly to the shape of your foot. It is connected to the upper material made of breathable mesh and improves the individual fit even more.

Kids love the cool design of the Asics GT 1000

The design of the Asics GT 1000 is extremely versatile, colourful and really puts you in a good mood. The model in flamingo red combined with yellow, purple and white is unmistakable. The black sneaker is spiced up with red laces and a split outsole that glows in orange and pink. Children love these eye-catching colours and love to wear this shoe at school or when playing. In addition, the GT 1000 from Asics offers reliable support for young feet in particular. The versions for kids have special features. There are models with water-repellent GORE-TEX in the upper material – so the little ones' feet are protected from getting wet in bad weather. A Velcro fastener, which sits where the laces are tied to form a bow, strengthens the hold and prevents the shoe from unfastening. On the outside of the sports shoe there are reflectors which ensure good visibility in diffuse light conditions or in the dark. The GT 1000 from Asics is a shoe for the whole family. As an active athlete, you will love its daytime comfort and it is also a great choice for your street style look when you explore the city jungle on foot.