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Bikini Trends

Bikini Trends of the current season

Presenting yourself on holiday with fashionable bikini trends is the highest of feelings for a lady. The looks of men and other women alone will make your heart beat faster. Be conscientious of how low your neckline goes – you do not have to wear a bikini with a deep cut to look amazing! This way, you automatically lead them to dream about you – or the bikini –whether they want to or not. Who doesn't like to dream and flirt with a fashion-conscious and attractive woman? You too can dream about your future beach outfit. We cordially invite you to visit our ABOUT YOU online shop. Have fun with your tempting beach outfit!

Bikini Trends: the quickest way to your beach outfit

Patterns are the motto of the summer in 2021. Whether with an African touch, Aztec design or swimwear in plain colours such as green or turquoise is not so important, the main thing is that the bikini trends are refreshing, attractive and at the same time accurately show off your flawless figure. The figure-shaping bathing suits or figure-hugging bikinis set the right accents. A form-fitting bathing suit in a wrap-around look is also a real bikini briefs, which protrude just below the navel. This variant has the advantage that problem areas can be hidden skilfully and in a subtle manner. We have also thought of ladies with small bust sizes: the triangle bikini in neon colour provides a remedy. The padded tops provide a naturally full and seductive décolleté on the one hand, and on the other hand they make your bust appear bigger.

Which cut will keep you in top shape during the bathing season?

If you are athletic and taller, the Tankini is suitable for you. It shortens your long upper body and puts the waist at the centre of attention. You can combine it with a ruffled hipster bottoms, which gives your athletic hips a feminine curve. If your figure resembles an hourglass, the high-waisted bottoms are a good cheat pack for small tummy pads. Combine them with a halter neck top with wide straps. This easily takes on large bust sizes and creates a beautiful décolleté. Another alternative is the hipster bottom which is hip with long legs and a flat stomach. The low cut makes your upper body longer. The padded cups of the underwired bra form a beautiful large bust. If you describe yourself as girlish, the triangle top is the right choice for you. It is surrounded by very little fabric, with which you can show a lot of skin, and is therefore perfect for petite women with small breasts. The high leg cut of the Rio briefs elongates your legs perfectly. Join the current bikini trends and grab the ABOUT YOU favourites to create your own beach look!