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NIKE Cortez Trainers

NIKE Cortez – the retro shoe as an indispensable must-have

A classic in a new edition: This is the NIKE Cortez. The retro shoe is one of the oldest models of the US-American sportswear manufacturer. Old, but not from yesterday! On the contrary – the Cortez is one of the earliest models of NIKE co-founder Bill Bowerman and an all-time classic that has been upgraded and comes along with a fresh breeze. The golf shoe is still one of the absolute cult sneakers, with some celebrities among its fans. While the NIKE Cortez has been overshadowed by other popular models in recent years, the shoe is now becoming more popular again. Many celebrities have rediscovered the retro style and have proven that it is an indispensable must-have.

As a running shoe the career of NIKE Cortez began at Olympia

Bill Bowerman tried to create a functional and comfortable shoe in 1971. The goal was a running shoe that would make a lasting impression on the sport. He succeeded, and the sports brand christened his star sports shoes NIKE Cortez – as an adaptation of the surname of Hernán Cortés, once a Spanish conqueror. Since then NIKE Cortez have been omnipresent. One of the moments that went down in film history was when Tom Hanks was given a pair of NIKE Cortez as a gift as Forrest Gump. In real life, the shoe was launched in 1972, just in time for the Olympic Games in Munich. At that time it was developed purely as a running shoe for athletes, but today Cortez is considered a classic of the sneaker cosmos and is once again celebrating a comeback. The reason why it is so popular is that this sneaker is both sporty and fashionable. It has always convinced with its high adaptability and timeless design. This is why the NIKE Cortez has been shaping the street style of many generations for more than 40 years. The high class trainers can be combined optimally by different monochrome colour variations. It comes in plain white, black or also in white with blue-red design. Its retro look always makes the 70s blossom again. The classic leather model with the swoosh symbol on the side and wide sole is a casual alternative to other sneaker favourites such as the NIKE Air Force 1.

Environmentally friendly: The sneaker made of recycled materials

The NIKE Cortez Basics PRM-Edition complements the Space Hippie series by NIKE, where every model is made of recycled materials. This Cortez has a grey structured upper with white leather swooshes and heels. Recycled materials are used for the tongues and midsole.