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NIKE Huarache Trainers

NIKE Huarache – with its future design still popular today

The NIKE Huarache belongs without question to the ultimate must-haves of all streetwear fans and enjoys cult status by now! The famous NIKE designer Tinker Hatfield, who already landed a real coup with the legendary Air Jordan series in the late 1980s, launched the shoe with the unusual sounding name in 1991. "Huarache" actually refers to an old Indian woven sandal that was traditionally worn in the Mexican highlands. Inspired by its appearance and cuddly structure, the designer created a sports shoe with a combination of neoprene, lycra and spandex in the upper material, which guaranteed a perfect fit. This was a real novelty and despite its futuristic silhouette, the original sneaker instantly won the hearts of all NIKE fans. In its progressive style the Huarache by NIKE looks like a sock due to its elastic material and therefore fits perfectly on your foot. In the first model series, a thermoplastic strap replaced the heel and further improved the fit. As a running shoe it was a real hit thanks to the excellent wearing comfort it provided. As a cool leisure sneaker it spices up every look in a sporty way!

The cult shoe with high recognition value: NIKE Huarache

Today the NIKE Huarache is experiencing a successful comeback, as the fashion trends of the 1990s are hip as never before. The casual sports shoe presents itself monochrome in black and white, but variants in bright red or pink – including the sole – are also available. Those who like it more colourful can choose from countless eye-catching colour combinations. You even have the possibility to create your very own colour design. The futuristic look of back then is a little reduced today and comes without the characteristic heel strap. The Swoosh logo is still not used – this also characterises the extravagance and the status of this NIKE shoe. Of course, the eccentric shoe scores with its oversized tarsus cuff and the high rising shoe collar – also thanks to the innovative technologies it is equipped with. The midsole provides optimal cushioning thanks to integrated air cushions and the midsole made of Phylon foam also cushions with every step you take all while reducing impact forces. The rubber outsole with a waffle tread pattern and wide flex grooves provides a great grip and grip on all surfaces.

The classic in the light version: the NIKE Huarache Ultra

The NIKE Huarache Ultra is trendy and hip like no other sneaker model. It sets new standards in wearing comfort thanks to its mega-light mid and outsole, which reduces the total weight of the shoe enormously. The unmistakable design has been retained – the high shaft and sock-like cut still characterise the iconic look. NIKE's iconic Huarache almost didn't make it into the US sports giant's product range because the original model lacked the NIKE logo. Fortunately, quality and style have prevailed – you can recognise a real NIKE shoe even without a swoosh.