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Reebok Aztrek 96

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Reebok Aztrek 96 – sporty dad trainer

The Reebok Aztrek 96 presents itself in a trendy retro design and scores with its casual look, also known as dad sneaker. Typical for this style, also affectionately called "chunky sneakers," are the rough shape and the eye-catching designs. The chunky sole and contrasting upper ensure that the style is still well received today. This Reebok from the 90s is authentic in colour and material mix, comfortable thanks to the shock-absorbing Hexalite technology and convinces with a non-slip outsole that gives you the best grip on any surface. Simple colours and a striking sole construction determine the design. The soft padding on the edge of the shaft ensures a comfortable wearing comfort. For a balanced foot climate, the shoe is equipped with a breathable upper material made of synthetic and textile. This light running shoe presents itself with a more angular design and additional overlays in the form of the vector logo. In classic white the sneaker comes across as particularly casual. The upper material is made of textile and synthetic suede. The die-cut foam insole ensures maximum comfort when walking and is of course also suitable for long walks.

Aztrek 96, a Reebok classic with a fresh design

With the Aztrek 96, Reebok has returned with a classic in a new design. The modernised update of the legendary Aztrek 96 running shoe brings back the 90s feeling thanks to the original colour combination. Geometric lines and the characteristic "X" on the toe cap are reminiscent of the original. The vector logo branding provides an extra dose of heritage style. The update is of course state-of-the-art and adapted to modern times. A highlight of some models is the bright, multi-part colour scheme with fluorescent violet and pink shades. This special colouring also includes variants in baby blue, royal blue, dark blue, grey, ecru or black with subtle shades of red.

The trend-setting running shoe, which is a stylish leisure shoe in today's world

When the Reebok Aztrek was launched in 1993, it was a trendsetting running shoe with an innovative, functional design featuring Hexalite technology. Former football player Christian Tresser, a young designer, came up with the idea for this sneaker. Through Tresser's visionary design, the Aztrek helped Reebok break new ground and become more risk taking. In the 90s, a decade marked by the grunge look and hip hop, the US sporting goods manufacturer made its breakthrough. The timeless design of the Aztrek is one of the reasons for its successful comeback. Of course you can wear this casual shoe for jogging and training. The Aztrek 96 is a universal unisex sports shoe.