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The string body is both dressy and seductive at the same time

The string body is certainly one of the most exciting lingerie items the fashion market has to offer. It does not always have to be tight. A woman with charisma is all the more convincing when she adorns herself with sophisticated lingerie. Bodies are particularly suitable for this, as they emphasise the female silhouette. The best designers make sure that the waist appears narrower. Gatherings or lace inserts combined with sexy silk stockings make it easy for even strong women to visually conjure away a ready-made size. Bowties can give the string body a slightly playful, girlish look.

The string body: exciting lingerie for ladies

It is the variety which string bodies offer that ensures you will find the right top for you. The designers of the big fashion houses have dealt intensively with the dreams of the ladies and have successfully realised their fantasies with the new collections. The experts also rely on inspiration. Ladies who do not yet know exactly what their new string body should look like will find the various offers and thus the perfect model for their own figure. The thongs are a bonus, providing an enticing rear view while guaranteeing good wearing comfort. The choice of colours turns the virtual shopping tour into an event with lots of fun. Between the many classic offers, interested ladies will also find new suggestions with unusual single colours and combinations. And when it comes to prices, it is usually not just a string body.

With high-quality lingerie and bodysuits to a beautiful décolleté

One of the special effects of the string bodysuit is the convincing décolleté. Of course, this includes all women, regardless of cup size. The many different sizes also take into account that every lady has a different figure. Large sizes benefit from the supporting function of the built-in cups, which gently emphasise or even minimise your bust, whichever way you prefer. Wide straps ensure that the string bodysuit is so comfortable that it is also a pleasure to wear during the day. They are especially popular in summer under tight dresses and skirts. Ladies with less bust size prefer the push up effect. Inserted cushions unobtrusively give more volume. As the string body is also partly adjustable, ladies can adjust it to fit them accurately.