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VANS Old Skool – the iconic shoe from the skater scene

The shoes are iconic, stylish and excites countless followers around the globe – from skateboarders to streetwear fans to celebrities, they all love the VANS Old Skool with its eye-catching side strip. 1977 saw the launch of the shoe. It is considered a milestone in the history of the US-American sportswear manufacturer. For the first time VANS presented its logo, the sidestripe. "Vans Off The Wall" is the unmistakable trademark of the brand and means "abandoned by all good spirits". And this is exactly how VANS presents itself to this day with its original shoe creations – a little crazy and extremely creative. Originally, the robust sneaker was created for skateboarding, but it soon found its admirers outside the skater circles. To this day, the Old Skool by VANS is still an absolute must-have for anyone who likes relaxed footwear. The new edition of the original still presents itself as a low-top shoe and features a continuous thick rubber sole in an unmistakable retro style with high recognition value. You can get this classic with laces but of course also without as a slip-on to put on comfortably.

Casual in vintage style – the VANS Old Skool

The models in this series do not distinguish between men and women – they are unisex. The casual but also timeless design makes this possible! VANS Old Skool present themselves in a wide variety of colours and different upper materials such as smooth leather and suede, but mostly canvas, a natural cotton fabric which is characterised by its great durability and longevity. Models in black or white are still among the most popular, but variations in pink, turquoise, Bordeaux red or bright yellow are also represented. The brave choose from various patterns and prints – the well-known checkerboard pattern is still considered a true classic today. The tongue as well as the ankle area are padded and the inside of the shoe is lined with a soft lining, which makes the Old Skool by VANS incredibly comfortable to wear. Thanks to the breathable upper material and the padding on the inside, your feet won't break out in a sweat, even with great effort. You will never get unpleasant blisters in these shoes. The thick, vulcanised rubber outsole is flat and offers you excellent stability and grip on the board or on the road thanks to the waffle-look profile.

Never go out of fashion: VANS Old Skool

With these sporty and simple shoes you make a fashion statement and demonstrate your unrestrained joy of life. You wear them with jeans when shopping or dance through the night in them and a miniskirt at the festival. The VANS Old Skool can almost be considered an accessory and you can easily combine it with any outfit. The cult sneakers are the symbol of whole generations and will not lose any of their charm in the future, because "Old School" is as hip as never before.