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Earrings: The perfect finish to any outfit

There are many women who feel naked without their earrings. Perhaps you prefer to wear just a single pair in your earlobes, or maybe you have several piercings, allowing you to mix and match. Whatever you choose, these must-have accessories are the ideal way to finish off your look. They should frame your face, adding a bit of colour and interest. Even if you keep it very simple – just a pair of gold studs or sleepers – they add a fun touch to your look. If you'd rather seek out extravagant jewellery, the sky's the limit! Go big and chunky, or look for long, delicate styles that sweep down to your shoulders. There are plenty of choices out there, so feel free to experiment.

Get the modern look by stacking earrings for women

One of the biggest trends in recent years, stacking earrings allows you to carefully curate your ears. You may have just a couple of piercings, or you could have both ears full of them; either way, you can put together a thoughtful look that mixes different styles of jewellery. If you're new to stacking, keep it simple. For instance, you might want to stick to just one colour of metal. Gold and silver are classics, but you could try rose gold if you want something a bit different. Mix hoops of different sizes, studs and bars, and you'll be able to create your own special, unique look. Buy these kinds of earring sets online for a perfect gift, no matter the time of year!

Statement earrings for women: How to make them work

A pair of eye-catching earrings demand attention – so make sure to show them off! First, keep other accessories simple, particularly around your face. Don't go for big sunglasses or a special necklace. Instead, let your earrings do the talking. You might want to keep makeup to a minimum, too. Don't layer on different colours and special looks. It should be simple and classy, which means it won't compete for attention with your statement jewellery. Think about how you're going to style your hair, too. A long, dangling statement pair look excellent with short hair, but can disappear into longer locks. To avoid this, be sure to keep your hair out of the way. Either wear it up, or tuck it back behind your ears. Finally, think about the occasion. Fun, bright colours are good for the day, but can be too casual after dark.