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Dungarees: Bringing a classic into the 21st century

Once a staple for children, overalls are now definitely for adults. Denim or corduroy dungarees for women have become a firm favourite in the last few years, appearing in the wardrobes of some of the most stylish trendsetters on the planet. Ideal for a fun, playful alternative to trousers or a skirt, these pieces are a great way to dress down for the weekend. Whether you're shopping, meeting friends, or just loafing around at home, it's hard to beat the comfort of a pair of overalls – and you can look effortlessly stylish, too.

Overalls that work with your shape

Worried that dungarees aren't for you? Stop! Every woman can rock this style – as long as you find a pair that works for your body. As a starting point, think about the shapes of trousers that flatter you. Baggy, wide-legged overalls may look tempting – but unless you're quite tall, they can swamp you. If you're tall and slim, feel free to embrace this style. Petite women should either stick to a more fitted style or choose a pair that are cropped to just below the knee, to ensure that their legs don't disappear. If you're curvy, don't try to overwhelm your figure with a loose pair of overalls. Instead, choose a pair with tapered legs; the narrow cut will turn your legs into a feature, drawing attention away from your stomach or other areas you don't want to emphasize. When it comes to colour, remember that darker shades tend to be slimming; choose a classic black pair if you wish to achieve that. You could also wear a bright, contrasting T-shirt underneath your dungarees, for example a white T-shirt with black overalls; This will help balance your figure.

How to style dungarees for women

Nobody wants to look like they've just stepped off a construction site, so take care when styling your overalls! To keep them looking glam, think about your footwear. If you're wearing your favourite pair of trainers, roll up the legs a bit for a relaxed style. In the evening, pair your overalls with a sleek pair of heels – the more feminine the better, to balance this style. Choose a contrasting colour to wear underneath, and stick to simple T-shirts, vest tops or, in winter, long-sleeved tops. Feeling daring? Just wear your dungarees over a statement bralette!