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Knit cardigan for women2,102

Layer up with knit cardigans

The woman's knit cardigan is a key component of every wardrobe. There are many styles available, so it's easy to find the right one for you. Every single body type looks good in a cardigan – and these styles can work for casual days or office wear, whatever you prefer. When it comes to colour, the options are endless. A classic, neutral cardigan in black or white will go with pretty much anything. If your skin is fair, you might want to avoid stark white, though. Choose off-white, ivory or cream instead; the hint of warmth in these tones will stop you from appearing completely washed out.

Fine knit cardigans to fight summer breezes

Women's cardigans aren't just for winter. In summer, pop a cardigan into your handbag in the morning and you'll never be caught short. Choose a cardigan that coordinates with your clothes and helps you create the silhouette you want. If you're wearing jeans and a T-shirt, try a longer cardigan. Leave it unbuttoned for casual daytime charm. For a retro look, try a rockabilly, 50s-inspired dress with a nipped-in waistline and full shirt. This type of dress goes perfectly with a cropped cardigan. Wear it buttoned up. The bottom of the cardigan should hit right on your natural waist, which will help you to create a feminine figure.

Bulky knit cardigans for winter warmth

When the weather turns cold, a woman's knit cardigan can be a great way of staying warm. Forget fine knit cardigans: You want something big and bulky now to stay on trend – look for chunky knit cardigans and big collar details. Don't worry about your thick cardigan adding bulk to your figure. If you're concerned that the look will be unflattering, choose a long-line knit cardigan with a belt, and cinch it tightly in at the waist. Look for different fastenings, too. You could go for a cardigan that buttons up or one that is just held in place with the help of a matching belt. On truly cold days, a cardigan that zips all the way up the centre front is one of the best ways of ensuring that you stay warm. If things get far too chilly for comfort, you could also layer your knit cardigan under an additional layer, like a leather jacket or a heavy coat.