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Maternity underwear for women208

Maternity underwear: beyond the nursing bra

You already know that you need new bras when you're pregnant – but have you considered the other parts of maternity underwear? The truth is that, over the course of nine months, you can expect your body to change significantly. Your old favourite panties may not fit you as your due date draws near. You might also find that you're more sensitive, and fabrics or seams that used to be comfortable are now irritating to your skin. The exact combination of bras, panties, tights or shapewear that you choose will depend on your personal preferences. It's worth experimenting and finding the garments that are most comfortable for you.

Underwear for your changing body

Aside from the nursing bra, your collection of maternity underwear will probably include some special panties. You might realize that some styles, such as thongs, are no longer as comfortable as they once were. Instead, as your pregnancy progresses, you'll want to switch to a new type of panties. Pregnancy panties are usually extremely stretchy, with room to expand; they may be seam-free, for a more comfortable finish. Generally, they are either cut very high, so they fit over your bump, or very low, so they sit under it. If you go for the latter, you may also want to add a belly band. This is a stretchy loop of fabric that sits over your bump, and is great for staying warm in colder weather.

The fitting pregnancy undergarments for special occasions

Being pregnant doesn't mean that your social life stops – so get the right undergarments for special events! Maternity tights are designed to be worn over your bump. The waistband will sit almost at your bra line, covering your midsection entirely. You can also find shapewear that is specially designed for pregnant women. Be aware that this should not fit quite as tightly as normal shapewear. In fact, if your maternity shapewear is too tight, it can actually be dangerous. Make sure it sits flush against your body, without digging in anywhere. As your pregnancy continues, you're likely to find that you have to size up. There's nothing strange about this. Most women find that their dress size increases by two or three sizes by the time their baby is born, so don't panic! You might feel more comfortable in your maternity underwear for a few weeks or months post-partum, too. Find all the clothing you need for the duration of your pregnancy and for afterwards, as well, right here!