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Swimsuits: Be ready for the beach and the pool

Swimsuits make a great alternative to bikinis. Maybe you never wear a bikini, or maybe you just want some extra options! Swimsuits offer you more coverage, which can leave you feeling more confident on the beach. They're also a better choice if you actually plan on doing some water sports. Tankinis and bikinis can easily fall off in the waves, leading to major wardrobe malfunctions, but one-piece swimwear should stay comfortably in place. Sporty options are an absolute necessity if you're a serious swimmer. Look for swimwear with a racerback, and enough compression to hold your chest in place for a streamlined silhouette while you're in the water.

One-piece swimsuits that will keep you looking sexy

Some women fear that one-piece swimsuits will automatically look frumpy. That doesn't have to be the case, though. If you want to stay sexy, look for swimsuits with interesting cutout sections. Some feature metallic details like hoops and rings, which the cutouts are designed around. Other options have zips that go partially down the front; you can leave yours just a little bit open to show off a hint of cleavage. For added sexiness, look for details like a high-cut leg. Of course, never forget to take colour into account, too! There's nothing sexier than a red swimsuit – as long as it doesn't clash with your sunburn.

Finding the best women's swimsuits to flatter your figure

Many women go for one-piece bathing suites because they're not thrilled about baring their tummy. If this is your case, then look for swimsuits for women with built-in control panels. These will lightly compress, holding your body in place and giving you a smoother, sleeker silhouette. Swimsuits with details like ruffles or frills that crisscross the stomach are another good way of disguising this common problem area. If you're on the busty side, you'll need to make sure that your swimwear has enough support. Look for a style with in-built cups; you might want to find one that has some uplift, too, for a perkier finish. Nervous about your bum? Fuller briefs or shorts will cover you up more but, ironically, can actually make your hips look wider. High-cut, cheeky styles can be more flattering – as well as giving you a hint of cute, sassy style. Strapless swimsuits are another great option for a sizzling hot beach look.