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Nursing bras: Every mum's best friend

When you're expecting, the first change you'll see in your body affects your breasts. For this reason, maternity bras are an important item for every mum-to-be. You'll probably need to start getting bigger underwear than usual early in your pregnancy. Be sure to have at least three dedicated bras ready for when the baby is born – the first few weeks are absolutely hectic, so you probably won't have time to pick nursing bras up. You will usually need to add one or two cups to your regular bra size and may need to go up a band size, too.

What to look for in breastfeeding bras

The most important thing to consider with nursing bras is your health. It's possible to find such bras with lace details and other special features, but a comfortable fit should always be your priority. Even if you usually wear underwire bras, stay away from them now. Your bras should be completely wireless. Ideally, the best maternity bras should be stretchy and totally seamless. This will help you to avoid chafing and marks; seams can dig into your skin, and you will probably be wearing these bras 24 hours a day. This is particularly true early in breastfeeding when leakage is something that must be taken into consideration. Stretchy varieties will offer support and recovery, holding your breasts and pads in place at all times.

Pumping bras for comfort as the months go by

As the weeks go on, your body will adapt to breastfeeding, and it can be time to choose different types of bras. You may find that your breasts never return to their pre-pregnancy size, but within two months of giving birth, they should settle down and stop fluctuating. At this point, you can start to wear underwire bras and push up bras once again. Look for a flexible wire rather than a stiff underwire, though, and ensure that your bra fits you correctly. There should be no breast tissue hanging out either side of the cups, and the central part, between the cups, should be flush against your skin. At the back, your band should be perfectly horizontal, neither riding up or down. You might want to look for lingerie styles similar to what you wore before pregnancy; this can help you feel more confident when wearing nursing bras.