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Get ready for summer with strap sandals

When summer rolls around, strap sandals are an absolute must-have! Whether you opt for heels or flats, these shoes are the easiest way to keep your feet cool. If you're going to be walking a lot in your sandals, make sure to choose a pair that are comfortable enough for you. There are a few key things to consider. First, check if your sandals have a toe post between your two biggest toes. Some women find these uncomfortable, as they can rub. If you're not used to toe posts, look for a pair without them. Look to see if they have a strap around the back of the heel, too. Mules are cute and sassy, but can be awkward if you're going to be walking for hours.

Strap sandals for women for work and play

Can you wear strap sandals to the office? Unless you have a very strict dress code, you might be able to pull it off. Avoid flat sandals, as they'll usually look far too casual. You'll want to steer clear of gladiator styles, too. Choose a pair with thicker straps, or one with many layers of interlocking straps; if they cover more of the skin on your feet, you'll look more formal. If you're wearing them with trousers, choose a wide-legged pair that will leave just your toes poking out. Going for a skirt? You'll want to have bare legs, and for the smartest look, make sure your skirt hits you exactly on the knee. Finally, stick to neutral colours: go for black, brown or tan.

How to make strappy sandals the centre of your outfit

A pair of strap sandals might seem like an easy, relaxed option – but they can easily become a statement piece, too. If you really want to show them off, look for gladiator sandals or choose a pair in a bold, unusual colour. Keep the rest of your outfit simple and understated. Remember, you'll draw more attention to your shoes if you're wearing a skirt. That doesn't mean you have to go for a micro mini! Just ensure that you choose a hemline that hits somewhere on your thigh. If you really must wear trousers, go for a cropped pair. Don't have any Capris handy? No problem. Roll your jeans up to form a chunky cuff, which should sit just above the ankle.