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Thee fits
Pants Guide for Boys

Thee fits Pants Guide for Boys
Pants Guide for Boys219

Regular Fit

One of the most popular trouser styles for boys is the regular fit: The straight cut trouser legs provide a casual everyday look! Not too tight and not too wide, regular jeans are simply the perfect companion for every adventure. Our tip: Combined with comfortable sneakers and a casual denim jacket, the boys are ready to go in no time.

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Chino Pants

Why chinos are conquering the boys' closets? Quite simply – because the popular fabric pants in their endless variety of colors make every day easy going. The lightweight pieces made of cotton sit loose and airy and are perfect for any occasion. With boots and a sweatshirt, the chic pants can be easily combined and transform the boys into cool trendsetters.

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Thee fits Pants Guide for Boys