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Adidas Boost Trainers

adidas Boost: Revolution of the running shoe

With the adidas Boost, the globally successful sportswear label has easily overtaken all other running shoe manufacturers: professionals and amateurs alike appreciate the Boost models as high-performance training and competition shoes that have already helped many a runner to victory. The Boost technology, developed in cooperation between adidas and the chemical expert BASF, not only offers you phenomenal cushioning but also gives you energy back with every step. The first adidas Boost – the Energy Boost – was presented in 2013 and immediately convinced the runner community. The running shoe owes its name to the English term for buoyancy – and this is exactly what its midsole made of innovative eTPU provides. A brief digression on materials science: eTPU (abbreviation for expanded thermoplastic polyurethane) is a foam consisting of many small separate air cushions. These thousands of small cells absorb the runner's impact energy, cushion the foot and joints and return the energy back to the athlete.

The boost from adidas – an innovative technology

The new foam texture is light, robust and flexible at the same time and promises all representatives of the adidas Boost range a great running feeling. The energy return counteracts muscle fatigue and thus you can run longer and faster. No wonder that adidas Boost is particularly popular with marathon runners! Among the runners who have run world record times with the competition model adidas adiZero adios Boost is, for example, the Olympic and multiple world champion Mary Keitany: in 2017 she set a new record at the London Marathon (she wore adidas Boost). Other famous members of the adidas Boost family include the adidas Supernova Boost, launched in 2015, which is designed for runners with over- or under-pronation and gives the foot a firm grip, the ultra-light adidas Boost Light and the adidas Solarboost, designed in 2018 with expertise from space technology.

The adidas Boost technology benefits functional sports shoes and cool sneakers

A star among sneaker fans and athletes alike: the adidas Ultraboost. The iconic shoe first appeared on the market in 2015 – today, street and sportswear cannot be imagined without it. Whether you're on a city run, in the gym or jogging in the park, this adidas Boost guarantees you a fantastic walking sensation, thanks to the performance technology of the midsole and the seamless primeknit material, which is almost as soft as a sock. Available in various exclusive special editions and a variety of colours, the Ultraboost from adidas is loved by style-conscious men and women all over the world. The latest highlight of the Boost collection has been presented by the 2019 label with the Pulseboost HD: This running shoe is tailored to the special requirements of running in urban areas and offers you maximum stability in addition to reactive cushioning and optimum grip thanks to the Adaptive Traxion outsole. Throw yourself into the next adventure – with the adidas Boost, your footwear for sport and leisure!

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